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Tips For Sleep With Your Newborn Baby

Bringing home a newborn is one of the most unique things you will ever do - and you want to be prepared. You go from being in a house just the two of you to having a tiny infant that you need to take care of. Your sleep schedule as you know it has gone out of the window and there are things you need to think about that you’ve never had to consider before. From wake windows to ensuring the house is the right temperature, you’ll find yourself thinking about all sorts before bed. If you’re bringing a newborn home, there are some tips that can help. Below we explore some ideas you can try. Remember to just soak up this phase as it won’t last forever. Soon your baby will be walking and talking and you’ll wonder just where those early days went! Keep on reading to find out more.

Ensure the room is ideal for baby’s sleep

One of the most important things you need to set up is a relaxing sleep environment for your baby. You want the room to be quiet, clean and at an ideal temperature of between 68-72 fahrenheit to be safe for your little one to sleep. You could consider a nightlight so you don’t have to turn on the big light when your baby wakes for a feed and things such as a white noise machine can really help them to settle.

Consider what they’re going to sleep in

As well as the room they’re in, you want to think about what you put your baby to sleep in, both bedding and bed wise. You could choose a pack and play, a travel cot, a bassinet or a full-sized cot to be set up in your room before you move them to their own room when they’re older. The choice is completely yours. If your baby doesn’t like bassinet, it’s a good idea to look up why this might be and don’t worry it’s anything you’ve done. In the early days in particular they’ll want to snuggle up to you and might find transitioning to a cot away from your warm skin difficult. Read up as much as you can to find a solution that works. There are many places you can find tips and advice to help you both get a good night's sleep. 

Make sure you know about safe sleep

Safe sleep is super important for your little one and you’ll want to educate yourself in it. Ensure your baby is in a crib or bassinet with a firm mattress and no other items in there. Avoid loose blankets, pillows and any toys or teddies until they are much older. It’s best to opt for a sleep sack that can button around them so you don’t need to worry about bedding becoming loose and covering their nose and mouth when they’re sleeping. Be sure to check out safe sleep resources which can help you check your baby’s in the best position possible. Read up on things such as the best tog sleeping bag for your baby and any other tips that can help.

Don’t worry too much about a schedule in those early days

In the early days in particular, you don’t need to worry too much about when your baby wakes or goes back to sleep. They are getting into a routine and learning the difference between night and day, as well as needing to feed every two hours! Just go with the flow and try not to worry too much. Things will sort themselves out soon enough! 

Don’t base your experience on other peoples

It can be very easy to base your experience on other people. For example, you might look at people on social media or blogs and see the times they’re baby is sleeping and think they’re doing a better job. Remember every single baby and parent is different and the journey also won’t look the same. The worst thing you can do is compare yourselves as you’ll end up worrying and can make the sleep pattern worse. 

These are a few top tips for sleep with your newborn baby that will help you both get the best night possible. The early days are unpredictable and messy but also some of the most beautiful times for you to bond with your little one. What are some top tips you have for sleep with your newborn baby? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.
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