Tuesday, January 22

Are you ready for National Puzzle Day on January 29th?

I for one have fond memories of doing activities in my Highlights magazines growing up. I passed on that love for puzzles to my daughter by treating her to Highlights when she was old enough too. We both still love puzzles to this day! And are both excited to have some fun new books from the Highlights series to celebrate National Puzzle day on January 29th! Highlights has lots of great things in store for the big day! To see everything Highlights has up its sleeves for the big day, being celebrated throughout January, check out the brand’s dedicated Puzzle Day site. In the meantime here are a few books you might want to check out that were recently introduced into the collection!

Photo Puzzlemania ($12.99, 6+)  Puzzle fans of all ages will be wowed by this stylish, exquisitely crafted and truly unique offering of brand-new puzzles from the experts at Highlights.  Every puzzle is created from beautiful, intricate, full-color photographs that have been manipulated to produce a challenging and exciting experience for both kids and adults.  The book includes the all-time favorite Hidden Pictures® puzzles in addition to Matching, Check and Double Check and Hidden in Plain Sight puzzles.  This is a book you’ll want out on your coffee table and a perfect gift for all ages.

Secret Hidden Pictures Puzzles ($9.99, 6+)  A brand new and magical approach to Hidden Pictures®:  color-reveal technology!  This red-on-blue puzzle collection comes with a seek-and-find wand, made of curdy cardstock with a plastic lens and shaped like a magnifying glass, that kids will use to discover amazing scenes and reveal over 1,000 hidden object.  Every puzzle is a mystery until the lens uncovers the curiosities underneath; children will become Hidden Pictures puzzle detectives by using clues to help locate the hidden objects, while the easy-to-use and simple-to-store wand (that is housed in an envelope inside-the-front-cover of the book) adds more play value to Highlights’ signature puzzle. 

Hidden Pictures Puzzles to Highlight ($9.99, 6-12) The world-famous search-and-find scenes are printed on black paper, so kids can use their own highlighters to illuminate the hidden objects and create glowing neon picture puzzles. This new kind of Hidden Pictures book includes more than 80 find-it games with over 900 total objects to seek. Highlights also creates special editions of these books for holidays such as Easter and Halloween.

Here are some Nuggets of Info from the Highlights Hidden Pictures Designers:
• Kids often start at the top left of an image and work their way around it.
• Puzzles are designed to help ensure kids  find something right away. If they can’t find something within 5 minutes, they may lose interest.
• Fewer hidden objects is not necessarily easier. A more densely packed illustration can sometimes make hidden objects more obvious.
• Black and white puzzles are usually more difficult because kids can’t use color to limit their search area.
• What makes a Hidden Pictures puzzle funny? Silly combinations, visual incongruities, puns and word play, background action, and situational humor

More Highlights Hidden Pictures Fun Facts:
• Hidden Pictures puzzles first appeared in June of 1946 and has appeared in every issue since
• The top three most hidden objects are: toothbrush, pencil and banana
• Total number of toothbrushes hidden since 1946: 2,417…and counting
• More than 600 artists have created Hidden Pictures puzzles for Highlights
• Objects hidden 500+ times: crescent moon, pizza slice, feather
• More than 100 million objects hidden objects found in the Hidden Pictures app
• More than 115,000 objects hidden in the nearly 10,0000 Hidden Pictures puzzles
• Most unique items ever hidden: fairy princess, harp, vacuum cleaner, can opener, safety razor

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the above mentioned brand. I received product to share my honest and unbiased thoughts. However, all thoughts and opinions stated are my own and are in no way influenced by my partnership with mentioned brand.

Get a deep down clean with the Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning System

With a house full of hardwood floors I feel like everyday sweeping and mopping just isn't enough. And after using my new Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning System I confirmed my suspicions. My floor was still filled will dirt and grime. Steam cleaning can get into areas that no other cleaning tools can get into and using the Luna Plus is the perfect way to do it. It's super easy to use by just adding water to the unit. That' water is then turned into steam which deep cleans like magic. No harsh chemicals are used so it's safe to use on pretty much any surface too. So far I've only used it on my hardwood floors, but I plan to do lots of other places as I have time to work on my deep cleaning. This mamma isn't waiting until spring to clean!

The Luna Plus is the first steam cleaning system of its kind combining sonic micro pulse vibration technology and 3 levels of adjustable steam control with illumination from a powerful LED light source. What’s more, it not only cleans, it also sanitizes, killing 99.99% of all bacteria.  This is a big plus for the person who is into health and wellness. With the various attachments, it can clean virtually any surface. Countertops, floor, drawers, bathrooms, kitchen fixtures, everything. And it uses no chemicals, so it’s environmentally friendly. The Luna Plus shoulder strap makes the unit portable making cleaning normally hard to reach places easy too!

• Luna Plus has 3 levels of steam control combined with Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration.
• Micro Pulse Technology assists mop across the floor and breaks up dirt and grime with over 90 vibrations per second.
• LED Headlight illuminates the cleaning path and highlights areas that need cleaning, allowing you to clean with more confidence.
• Lighted Control Panel easily accessible soft touch control panel initiates all of the unit’s functions including power, vibration, LED lights and steam levels.
• Large 6” x 13” cleaning surface uses a heavy duty eco microfiber pad that is washable, reusable and attaches easily.
• Luna Plus unit includes carpet glider kit, 2 washable Eco Microfiber cleaning pads, a custom fill cup, 12 piece accessory kit and a storage bag with a cleaning steaming head, window squeegee, eco microfiber pad, 4 nylon brushes, 2 brass brushes, concentrator nozzle, extension hose and a shoulder strap.
• Unit stands upright on its own.
• 12 piece above floor accessory kit.
• Energy saving power shut-off.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the above mentioned brand. I received product to share my honest and unbiased thoughts. However, all thoughts and opinions stated are my own and are in no way influenced by my partnership with mentioned brand.