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Superfood Hot Chocolate Mix from Fresh n' Lean

Superfood Hot Chocolate Mix
By: Fresh n' Lean - the nation's #1 organic meal delivery company

Not sure about you, but I’m down for pretty much anything that takes very little time and saves you a ton of money. With the main priority of food being “convenience” these days, sometimes it’s hard to remember that you can almost always recreate any pre-made mix from the store at home. In comes this amazing superfood hot chocolate!

Velvet Ice Cream - Prize Pack #Giveaway Ends 2/7

January is quickly coming to an end as are many New Years resolutions. All those promises that were made to eat better, lose unwanted pounds, go to the gym, take better care of myself…you know the ones I'm referring to.

Experts and coaches encourage people to make realistic goals that are attainable and most importantly MAINTAINABLE. In partnership with fourth generation family-owned company Velvet Ice Cream from Utica, Ohio, I would like to offer you a little something that may make your dietary adjustments less painful and more maintainable. You know, something that’s not made of fig and bark and actually tastes like dessert 😊!

5 Ways to Compensate for Lack of Experience for a Wall Street Job

Okay, so you finally got a call from the company you’ve been always wishing to work with. You might be happy as they have offered you the job but wait, there is something called an interview before you could join the company and the main thing important for getting that job is EXPERIENCE, which you do not have!

People often lose for this very reason and that is not good. You often do not get your dream job based on this one reason that you are lacking experience for the job, and this leaves a person with depression - but depression is not the solution. The solution is right here in this article!

Homeschool Science Classes Online

This post is sponsored by College Prep Science.

Just because one chooses to homeschool doesn't mean they know everything about every subject. Or that they have time to make detailed lesson plans for every subject either. That's why using an online source like Greg Landry’s academy of online homeschool science classes can be so handy. While they are learning science from a veteran science teacher you can spend more time on lessons you already know and love!