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The Long View: Creating Passive Income Over a Lifetime

How does retiring in your 50s, 40s, or even your 30s and spending the rest of your life doing exactly what you want sound? You may imagine this is the kind of scenario that's only available to someone who is born into wealth, but with smart financial management, you can achieve financial independence. The key is to figure out how to keep making money. You can do this through good investment choices and finding other ways to generate passive income.


Gifts for Mom

Searching for and buying gifts for mom isn't something you think about just once a year. Heck it's not something you even think about twice a year. It's something you think about all year long. From holidays to special events to every day gifts that just let her know you care.


The buyer’s journey through the 5 stages in b2b marketing funnel

 Ever wonder how a client goes through the b2b funnel steps and ends up being the dedicated customer? It starts with the work of the marketing team of an organization. A cylindrical-shaped funnel does greater work than just filtering out the audience. It shapes the passage in which worthy people stay till the end. It paves the way for the company through sales growth and benefits the users with good services or a product they need.

Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls as Unique as They are!

If you have, had, or even just been around a five-year-old girl very long you know how hard it is for them to stay still even for a few minutes. They are either already on the go or ready to go at any given second. Little girls like to create, climb, jump, and explore the world all around them. And as parents, caregivers, teachers and beyond it's our responsibility to help them do all those things and more!

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