Stacy Talks & Reviews: Tips For Your Next Beach Vacation

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Tips For Your Next Beach Vacation


Everyone needs to have a break away and to take some time off from work and other responsibilities every so often. Doing so will keep you healthy and happy throughout the year. 

One option if you enjoy being by the water is to take a beach vacation. It’s a great way to disconnect and get some rest and relaxation. You want to make sure that you are properly prepared so you can have a positive experience. Start by reviewing some tips that you can apply on your next beach vacation.

Wear Plenty of Sunscreen

The last situation you want is to get badly burned while on a beach vacation. It can be uncomfortable and could ruin the rest of your trip. Therefore, you should plan to pack and wear plenty of sunscreen. You should also consider getting good sunglasses and wearing a hat if you know you’ll be outside under the sun for an extended period. Another good idea is to bring an umbrella that you can put up and sit under when you want a break out of the sunshine.

Consider Renting A Boat

If you enjoy being by the water then you likely also are someone who wants to be out on the water as well. Therefore, you should consider renting a boat to use. You can do some cruising around and then stop and anchor to lay out under the sun. Before you rent your boat it’s important you know how to operate it. You should also review anchoring boat tips and advice that you can apply and use on your vacation. This way your boat will stay in one place when it’s time to take a break from cruising around. As always, make sure you all wear life jackets and put safety first. 

Bring Activities Along

On your next beach vacation, you should consider bringing some activities along with you. You may not want to lay in the sun all day and instead can stay active. For example, there are many different beach games you can choose to pack and play while you are outside. Another idea is to get a beach volleyball game going. It’ll feel good to get some exercise if you’re someone who usually lays around a lot on vacation. 

Pack A Cooler

You’re likely going to want to spend as much time as possible outside and by the water on your beach vacation. There may not be a whole lot of time or a chance to refuel and eat or drink something. Therefore, you should consider packing a cooler with cold drinks and snacks that you can have near you on the beach. This way you won’t have to pack everything up and go try to find something to eat when you get hungry.


Beach vacations can be a very fun and rewarding experience. However, you must make sure that you properly plan for the adventure. These are some tips that can help get you started on the right track. Most importantly, try to disconnect from technology and enjoy yourself once you arrive.

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