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How To Know It Is Time For A Change

It might sound like a cliché, but change - good change, healthy change - is just one decision away. For many people, they cling to the terms like - change is scary! And while that can be true - the unfamiliar can be unsettling, change can also be great. It can be what changes us for the better. Opening up the world and us to a lot of possibilities and joy.

However, millions of us get stuck in a rut, and we don’t notice it for a long time. Then suddenly, one day, you get a feeling… and it is one that you want to explore.

Here are a couple of ways to tell that it is time to make a change!


Everyone daydreams, but if you find your daydreams are often in a special direction and they are on repeat, this could be a big sign that you are secretly (or maybe not so secretly) ready to make a change in your life. Perhaps you are dreaming of writing a book or swimming the channel - or it could be as small as changing your hair color. If you are daydreaming about it often, it is time to do something about it. 


“I’m just looking” you say, as you check the prices of houses in a new country and, just for good measure, check the prices of long-distance movers, too. You find yourself watching videos, looking for hashtags, and researching a little more every day. Or, when you have some downtime and are idling, you keep coming back to the same subject. 

When you find yourself researching the same topic over and over again, this is a sure sign you are interested and need to give yourself a gentle push to go to the class, read the book, start the project, or pack your car up and go. 

Feeling lost 

Unfortunately, this one is common for many people. You coast along doing everything you think you need to do, and you do it well. After a while, you look in the mirror or have a conversation where you are left wondering where you went and who you are. Or, worse, you keep thinking that you have turned into someone that you don’t like. This can be tough because often, with such busy lives, we don’t even notice it happening until it has already happened. 

If you have even the slightest upset with who you are, then you know for sure you need to make some impactful changes - so that the person you see in the mirror is someone you are proud to be. 


What are you passionate about? Family, friends, and maybe even work are all good answers - but what are you passionate about outside of that? If you have lost a little of that lust for life, don’t have a hobby, and are spending more time doom-scrolling than having fun - it is time to shake it up a bit. 

For some people, it can be as easy as a pixie cut and winged eyeliner: Incredible Ways To Switch Up Your Look. For others, you might need to do a little soul-searching to get there.
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