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5 Myths About Traveling Abroad

Do you long to travel abroad, but assume that such a vacation is forever out of your reach? If you do think this, it's probably because you believe one of the common myths below. Keep reading, and you'll find that going abroad is more accessible than you think.

It's Expensive

As is the case with many activities, traveling to other countries can be expensive but doesn't have to be. In fact, in some countries, the cost of accommodation and food is much lower than it is in the U.S. Flights are often the biggest cost, but if you start searching well ahead of time, use alerts to find out about deals and search multiple aggregate sites, you can get a bargain there as well. You may want to consider paying for your trip with a personal loan, which may offer more favorable repayment rates than a credit card.

You Can't with Children

Many people think of foreign travel as something to do when they are young, before children come along. However, you can travel abroad from the time your children are very young. The trick to traveling with kids is to plan with them in mind. That means finding kid-friendly activities and building an itinerary around their naps and other routines when they are young and letting them participate more and more in the planning as they get older. Traveling abroad as a family can be wonderful for building bonds.

You Have to Know Another Language

This myth has a corollary: everyone speaks English. Neither of these is true even though it seems as though one or the other would have to be. The fact is that English is spoken widely in many places, especially where tourists go. However, it isn't spoken everywhere, and that's fine. Even in the days before smartphones offered easy to use translation apps, you could get by with smiles, gestures and a dictionary. These days, learn a few polite phrases, download your favorite foreign language app and plan to fall back on smiles and gestures again when all else fails.

It's Dangerous

Assuming that you are planning to stay out of war zones, most places in the world that you would visit as a tourist are not particularly dangerous, and many places are much safer than parts of the U.S. Certain locations have specific dangers. There are cities where many pickpockets are in operation. However, as long as you do your research ahead of time and follow reasonable precautions, traveling to most places will not put you at a more significant risk than you would be at home.

You'll Get Sick

It's a common belief that the food or water in many places will make you sick. This varies a great deal from place to place. There are countries where it is best to drink bottled water, but in much of Europe, tap water is fine. There is a common misconception that street food is especially dangerous, but in fact, it can be some of the safest food you consume if you can watch its preparation and turnover is high. Read up on where you are going ahead of time so that you know what best practices are for staying healthy.

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