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Traveling with kids - Ultimate checklist

Whether you are planning a vacation in the mountains, resting on the seashore, relaxing in the countryside, or an adventure in a European or world metropolis, one thing is for sure - you will not succeed if you do not prepare well. Holidays with children are inevitable if you are a truly caring parent, desirable if you want to establish strong family ties that will last for decades, and only possible if you are well organized. Read the list of our tips and your vacation can begin.

Before you go on vacation

There is no right time to start preparations. It is best to judge for yourself what suits you the best, how large your family is (how many children you have), whether you work until the date of travel, how old the children are, where you travel and for how many days. In any case, it is better to provide yourself with more time to prepare, so you don’t get nervous about a lot of work at the last minute. Think early about how you'll travel. Whether it be by car or airplane there are many options - you may even be wondering things like how much does a private jet cost to buy?  Either way, the sooner you are able to get this booked, the sooner you can get this weight off your mind - plus, you may even be able to save some money by getting advance rates on tickets. 

Bring basic medications

Basic medicines are mandatory on vacation with children. The fact is that every well-kept tourist place probably has a pharmacy, but regardless of that, it is better to be ready for events. Be sure to bring: a thermometer, antipyretic, antihistamine for children with allergies, ointment to relieve insect bites, first aid kit (eg povidone-iodine, bandage, and patches), nose drops, eye drops, probiotic, rehydration, mandatory therapy if the child has it. When you arrive,  Inquire at a travel agency or on arrival at the place where the emergency rooms are located, in case you need them urgently. Also, it's not a bad idea to bring milk supplements for children aged 1-3, our recommendation is Enfagrow stage 3, because it has the best nutrition values for your little one.

Talk to your children about the trip

Children generally do not feel comfortable and very easily become nervous when a lot of new and unannounced things happen around them. So try to talk to them and guide them into what they might expect. For example, if you are traveling to a big city on vacation with your children, tell them that it will be noisy on the street, that you will walk a lot, etc. If you go on vacation to the village, tell the child how people live in the countryside and that there are many domestic animals there.

Book your trip in advance

Many young couples travel the world without booking and booking accommodation. They usually like to come to the desired destination, feel the atmosphere, and choose where to stay. Are you among them? This organization is not recommended if you are traveling with small children. When you arrive at your destination with your children, all you will want will be to settle down immediately and rest from the trip, without additional activities and nervousness. Therefore, it is best to book accommodation from the warmth of your home.

Take advantage of discounts for children

You can get various discounts when booking accommodation or buying transport tickets. For example, most airlines transport children under the age of 2 for free, many carriers offer 50% discounts for children under the age of 7, and you can save on hotel accommodation.

Baby stroller / Sling scarf

The sling scarf does not take up much space in luggage and is therefore very practical for travel. It is a better choice for winter holidays with children and an opportunity for you and your child to snuggle better and warmer. Practical strollers that are simple and easy to pack and do not take up much space in luggage are ideal for long walks and summer trips.

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