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16 Simple Ways to Help Yourself Feel More Beautiful

Everyone deserves to feel like their best selves in their skin, especially when you’re busy with all sorts of different activities in your life. You might be raising a family, climbing the career ladder at work or simply embracing life as a single person. Whatever current situation you’re in, it’s time to think about the small and simple things you can do to improve the way you feel about yourself. Feeling beautiful can give you a huge confidence boost and give you the self-esteem to do things you wouldn’t normally be comfortable with. Whether you’re hoping to invest in new clothing and try out a brand new style, or you’re hoping to rethink your skincare regime for a glorious glow, there are so many different things you can try out for yourself.

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are sixteen simple methods to help yourself feel more beautiful both on the inside and out.

    1. Color Your Hair or Try a New Style

If you’re looking to make a change and try out a new hairstyle, now would be the perfect opportunity. Head to your local hair salon and see what they would recommend in terms of color, highlights or brand new styling. You will walk out of there feeling like a brand new woman and your confidence levels will be at an all time high too!

    2. Work on Your Hair Care Regimen

Once you have chosen your perfect new hairstyle and color, you need to work on your hair care regimen and find the best way to stay on top of your new ‘do. You may need to look into common dry hair causes if this is something you regularly experience. A hair mask or extra strong conditioner will help to keep your locks silky, smooth and shiny all year round.

    3. Spruce Up Your Everyday Skincare

If you’re tired of your current skincare routine, you might want to explore new options to give your skin the gorgeous glow it deserves. Changing up your daily cleanser, toner and exfoliator may help to clear up any troublesome skin issues that are causing you to feel insecure. Just make sure you are patient and allow the skincare to work its magic before seeing the results.

    4. Use Daily SPF

As well as changing up your daily skincare regimen, you may also want to start using SPF every single morning. This is an easy way to reduce signs of aging and help your skin to look glorious every single day.

    5. Eat Skin Friendly Foods

Beautiful skin is often created by the food and drinks you ingest, so why not turn your focus to some skin friendly foods? Avocados, olive oil, almonds, full fat yogurts, white fish and lean proteins found in chicken and beef are the ideal ingredients to create plump and smooth-looking skin. Over time you will start to see a huge difference and you’ll thank yourself for adding more sumptuous skin-friendly nutrients in your diet.

    6. Reduce Your Sugar Intake

As well as increasing the friendly fats and proteins in your diet, you may also want to reduce the amount of sugar you consume. Not only can sugar affect your waistline, but it can also cause breakouts and uneven skin tones. Reducing your sugar intake will give you more energy, glowing skin and a trim waistline too.

    7. Cut Out Alcohol

It’s a no-brainer that alcohol can have a negative effect on your overall beauty, especially if you’re prone to enjoying one too many wines on a regular basis. A small glass of high quality red wine now and again is actually very good for your health, so there’s no need to go cold turkey altogether. Being more mindful of your drinking habits will help you to make better choices and it will improve the way you feel about yourself too.

    8. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is a key element of maintaining your beauty, so it’s important to drink plenty of fresh fluids throughout the day. Carry a reusable bottle of water around with you whenever you can and top it up as often as possible. If you want to spruce up the flavors in your water you can always add some fresh fruit, cucumber or mint for an extra zing!

    9. Get More Sleep

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “you need more beauty sleep” more often than you’d like! If you want to feel more beautiful it’s important to get as much sleep as possible (which is much easier said than done, especially when you’ve got children!). Going to bed a little bit earlier each night gives you a better chance of getting a full eight hours. With an adequate amount of sleep each night you’ll not only feel well-rested but you’ll also be glowing from the inside out too!

     10. Reduce Stress

It’s natural to feel a certain amount of stress in your life, especially when you have little ones running around the house. Not only do you need to keep up with the housework, but you also need to maintain your social life and career at the same time too. Reducing the amount of stress in your life will help to reduce signs of aging and you’ll also feel much more energized on a day to day basis too. Although you may not be able to eliminate stress altogether, you can look at ways to reduce the contact with stressful scenarios and people in your life.

    11. Engage in Mood-Boosting Activities

If you want to look and feel beautiful, it’s time to engage in activities that make you feel amazing about yourself. Having more sex, doing a fun form of exercise or going to a club you really enjoy is the perfect way to boost your mood and get your glow back. Although you may not have as much time as you’d like to do all of these things, you may be able to find a small window in your day to do a mood-boosting activity.

    12. Try Meditation

Meditation is a proven way to help reduce your stress levels, enhance positivity and make you feel better about yourself. Even if you only manage to do fifteen minutes each day, this is guaranteed to help you to feel more confident about every aspect of your life. Taking some much-needed time out to try out a meditation via an online program or app will help your self-esteem to go sky high!

    13. Exercise Frequently

As you already know, there are so many benefits of doing regular physical activity, but it can also give you a beautiful glow too. Getting sweaty on the treadmill, going outside for a beautiful summer hike or trying an online yoga session are the perfect ways to get in shape and make yourself feel amazing. The endorphins you feel when you do a workout can never be matched so try to incorporate a little bit of movement into your day every day.

    14. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Stepping out in style each day is something that will help you to feel more beautiful no matter what. Upgrading your wardrobe doesn’t have to involve spending too much money; you can simply head towards your local thrift store and pick up some bargain items. Another person’s trash could be your treasure and you may have a brand new style to make yourself feel more beautiful than ever. Create a moodboard of clothing items that you would like to try out for yourself so that you have some inspiration in mind before you go through your big wardrobe upgrade.

    15. Try New Accessories

Accessories are the perfect way to spruce up an old outfit and make yourself like a million dollars. Whether you’re trying out a new handbag, wearing a sparkly necklace or trying out a trendy pair of shoes, there are so many reasons to try brand new accessories and make yourself feel even more beautiful.

    16. Find True Happiness

True beauty will always shine through from within, so you need to find the things that make you truly happy. Once you have achieved this, you will start glowing with all of your beauty and nobody will be able to stop you. Discovering your inner happiness may take some time, especially if you’re a busy parent, but the end result will be totally worth it.

Hopefully, some of the ideas mentioned above resonate with you and you can find some time to try them out for yourself. Most of these methods are relatively simple, inexpensive and enjoyable for you to do, especially when you lead a busy and hectic life. You can fit these small tasks into your schedule without any trouble and you will soon feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. Remember, beauty can shine through from the inside as well as the outside, so you may need to do some inner work in order to feel your very best. Whether you’re exercising a little bit each day or enjoying a much-needed meditation session at the start of the day, there is so much you can do to enhance your beauty in every possible way!

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