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Sometimes In Order To Conceive We Need To Work On Other Areas Of Our Health

If you are struggling to conceive, it might be the case that you need to focus on other areas of your health to get your body and mind ready for this first. We’re not saying that this is why you haven’t conceived yet, but if you are actively trying and it’s not working out for you right now, then making some health changes may improve your chances of being able to. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s worth a try at the very least. 

Down below, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the other areas of health that you may want to start working on. Are you ready to find out more about this? Then let’s go.

Control What You Put Into Your Body

It is always going to be important for you to control what you are putting into your body. First let’s look at food. You don’t want to fill your body up with processed fats and sugars, potentially clogging your arteries and providing yourself with more health issues. The more that you eat this food regularly, the worse your health is going to become. We know that it’s the easy and convenient option, but that doesn’t make it the right option, does it? No, and you need to start making the better option asap.

As well as food, you also need to think about other things that you ingest. If you want to conceive, then smoking has got to stop if this is something that you do. It damages your body so severely, and you are decreasing the chances of seeing successful conception. The same can be said for any kind of drug that was not prescribed by a doctor, or any supplement that you are not 100% sure about.  You can speak to your doctor about supplements, which you should take and which you shouldn’t just to be on the right track. Folic acid for example is something that you absolutely should be taking.

Work On Your Stress Levels

Despite the fact that we have been conditioned to believe that stress is absolutely normal, excess levels of stress are very much dangerous. The more stress that your body is under, the less it is going to work as it should because you will be dealing with the crushing weight of this stress. The thing that a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that stress is not just mental, it can also be physical.

When you find yourself under excessive levels of pressure and this leads to stress, your body will start to react to that. It will start to produce certain hormones in excess which is not something that you need. Your body needs to be calm, it needs to be healthy, and it needs to be able to do what it should naturally do without being blocked by this stress.

As such, we recommend that you identify the main source of your stress and do something about it. This might be cutting it out of your life, or cutting back on it, or just taking a break. Whatever you need to do to eliminate some of this stress from your life, you need to do asap.

Find Things To Soothe Your Mind

You can’t just forget about your mental health because you are struggling. Yes, it is going to be harder to take care of it if you are trying to conceive and not having much luck because this is going to cause you to feel sad, frustrated and a whole other range of emotions. It’s important that you are not trying to block these out, you are not trying to ignore them, and instead embrace how you feel. Being hurt, negative emotions, and other things like this are all a part of life, even though it’s not always easy.

We also recommend that you try to find things to soothe your mind and help you take care of your mental health. For some people this is taking up a calming hobby such as crocheting, reading, arts and crafts or whatever else you can think of. Or, it might be finding something to take care of religiously like your skin. You need to do your research into this, reading information on topics like Dehydrated Skin: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment, and creating a routine from there. The point of this should be to soothe your mind, to help you relax, and generally to help you take care of your mental health when you feel it slipping.

Remain As Active As You Can

There seems to be a common misconception that you need to be somewhat inactive if you are trying to conceive, but this could not be further from the truth. In fact, it’s actually better for you if you remain as active as you can, as it keeps your body fit and healthy. Remember what we said at the beginning of this article? You need your body to be healthy if you want to be able to conceive. 

This is not to say that you need to go to the gym four times per week and complete a high intensity workout because this is not the case at all. You do, however, need to complete basic levels of exercise. Try to go for a walk in the morning or in the evening to get your steps up for the day. Maybe complete a workout that works for your fitness levels at home, or in the gym depending on where you feel most comfortable. There are always options, and you have got to ensure that you are not becoming a couch potato, as this will not have the effect that you want, that we can promise.

It’s a difficult time for many, but that doesn’t mean that you can let your health go completely. If you do this, then you are minimizing your chances of being able to conceive anyway as you need a healthy body to be able to do this. We know that it’s hard, but it’s important to lean on your support system at this time, and be willing to make the changes that need to be made. You have got this.
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