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5 Good Reasons to Buy Used Clothing

Clothing is something that everyone in the country has in common. Particular preferences about clothing are secondary to the fact that it's something that we all need and is a regular part of our lives. It's not often, however, that we give much thought to why we make the purchases that we do. This makes it a great time to think about clothing purchases and consider why thrift shopping, or purchasing used clothing, has become so popular.

“There are so many benefits to purchasing secondhand,” explains Christine Trinh, co-owner of Toronto-based Beeja May. “Once people learn about how great it can be the more they are ready to give it a try. We get amazing feedback from our customers, so we know that the demand for used clothing is on the rise.”

Thrift store shopping has been taking up a larger share of the market in recent years. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it’s predicted that the resale marketplace will reach $64 billion by 2028. They also report that 16-18% of Americans will buy through a thrift store this year. Compare that to 11% who will shop at the outlet malls, 19% who will shop at apparel stores, and 21% who will do their shopping at department stores.

Here are 5 reasons to buy used clothing:

  1. Savings. The price of purchasing used clothing is more affordable than going new. As you buy multiple items the price adds up even more. One quick cost comparison will show that resale prices are a fraction of what the items cost new. In some ways you could even say thrift shopping a great way to make extra money. The money you saved buying used can be spent on other things!
  2. Sustainability. When you purchase used it helps to slow the fast fashion industry. The industry has doubled clothing production, yet the garment usage lifetime has declined. This contributes to more carbon emissions, wastewater, tons of clothing-related waste, and tons of microplastics. Purchasing used clothing is more environmentally friendly and helps to extend the life of the item.
  3. Selection. When you purchase from a thrift shop there is a wide variety of options. It’s easy to find things that are unique, vintage, or would not be found otherwise. The unique selection in thrift shopping also helps make it a great place to shop for putting together costumes.
  4. Support. Shopping resale helps support the mission of every thrift store that wants to offer a more sustainable and environmentally friendlier way to shop. Supporting these businesses helps to keep smaller businesses thriving so that the sales don't all go to new items.
  5. Simplicity. Thrift store shopping is typically pretty simple. Some stores, like Beeja May, make it even easier by sorting the items and offering them all online. Online shopping has become a simple way to get the desired items, all while getting a deal.

Article Source: Beeja May. Founded in 2019, Beeja May is an online secondhand clothing store that provides a convenient way for families to shop. In addition to clothing, shoppers can also find books, shoes, and zero-waste products. The company has a mission of helping the planet and helping those who need assistance with purchasing clothing. 

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