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Simple ways to make some extra money

Right now many people are looking for ways to make some extra money or you can say WFH opportunities. With the economy in constant disarray some are wondering if they'll ever be able to go back to a "normal" life again. Leaving some scrambling to find ways to help make up for lost wages, or even just make ends meet. So I thought I would share a few ways with you that I've been using myself to bring in a couple extra bucks.

Sell your gently used clothing & accessories to a resell shop.
In most areas there are shops that will buy your gently used (or new) clothing and accessories from you so they can resell them to other shoppers. This is great if you have things in your close that you don't wear anymore that still have plenty life left in them.

Download apps that pay you to watch videos.
Be sure to do your research first when it comes to finding apps that "claim" they will pay you for watching videos. Read the reviews of others that have downloaded the app already to verify that it really does work and pays out.

Get paid for sharing your opinions.
Again be sure to do your research as there are lots of legitimate places out there that will pay you for taking surveys and sharing your honest opinions with them.

Get paid with the Shopkick App.
Collect "kicks" for doing tasks like checking in a stores, scanning products on store shelves, and scanning receipts when you purchase certain products.

Get "Cash Back" with grocery receipt apps.
Download apps like Ibotta, Coinout, and Fetch Rewards to earn money when you scan in your receipts. It may not pay a lot per receipt, but that money does add up!

Get paid for your photos.
If photography is your cup of tea why not make a little money selling your photos to those that aren't quite as photo savvy. There are several online photo websites where you can upload your photos for others to use for a small fee.

Sell your homemade crafts on Etsy.
If you're a pro when it comes to making crafty things why not give Etsy a try. Create a brand for yourself and start making money for what you already enjoy doing!

Sell your collectibles on Ebay.
Have some old treasures that are just sitting around collecting dust? Why not sell them on Ebay to someone that will really enjoy them?

No matter what you choose to do to bring in some extra cash one thing you'll need to remember is sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Exactly what am I talking about you ask? Well, to make money from grocery receipts you're going to have to go grocery shopping first, which of course costs money. Just make sure you're not buying things you normally wouldn't buy just to get those reward points because that defeats the purpose. And if you're planning to sell things online make sure you check into any fees that are associated with the platform you choose to sell on, and take into account that you'll have to have packaging on hand to ship out those goods. Many times you can find things like poly mailers from places like International Plastics that you can purchase in bulk to save money. You'll want to always make sure your packaging is USPS approved so it doesn't get rejected by the post office. And if your Etsy shop really takes off you could even order custom printed poly mailers with your name on them to get your name in front of everyone that handles the package all the way to it's delivery destination.
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