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The 10 Best Places To Live After Getting a Divorce

Divorce brings significant changes to the life of divorcees. One of the hottest concerns is where to live after divorce to manage to recover and build a better life. Everyone seeks a peaceful harbor to recover from divorce issues and refill the batteries to start over. 

Learn about the criteria to select the best suitable place to live after divorce and consider some top picks around states for a happy life following the end of your marriage.

How to Choose the Best Suitable Place

When you are through with the online divorce in New Mexico, finalized the paper and discussions hassle, and ready to think about personal wellness, get to the next significant step finally. It is time to choose one of the best places to start over after divorce to nurture your happiness there. Look out for some points to make a beneficial decision:

  • Stay close to your kids - if you are not a custodial parent but still wish to take an active part in your kids’ life, it will be easier done with you staying somewhere close. Providing that you wish to change the city, you can move to the neighboring one so that you will be able to cover the distance in no time to pay visits to your children regularly.
  • Improve your employment situation - opt for a place where you will have better employment potential. Considering that you will mostly rely on your own when it comes to finances, you’d better provide yourself with promising job opportunities in your occupation field. 
  • Consider reunion with your family - if you had to move when you got married, you might try out the reunion with your family after divorce. Or at least pay your relatives a long visit. They will support you physically and emotionally until you can handle the situation on your own.
  • Get surrounded with support - if you know that relatives will double your troubles, you’d better look for support somewhere else. You can move closer to your dear friends or join some divorcees community. It will be easier for you to move on when you have someone to share your worries and issues with. 
  • Get future-oriented - choose a place that will help you to implement your plans and future visions. The business city for career development, coast city to take up water sports, fashion city to do shopping therapy.

Think thoroughly before you make the final decision so that you can move to a place where you can gather power and inspiration to give your happiness a second chance. When doing research and learning about ways to peacefully move forward is a great online resource that can provide you with much knowledge.

Top Living Places for Divorcees

Selecting where to go after divorce can be confusing sometimes. If you have no idea where to start, review the following places. They may have not the lowest divorce rates, but certainly can boast a high economic rank, extensive remarriage statistics, and a rich dating pool:

  1. San Francisco, CA - great bay views, extensive shopping areas, and an active nightlife.
  2. Chicago, IL - frequent concerts, homeland to famous brands, engaging daytime and nightlife activities. 
  3. Jersey City, NJ - a place of history and music festival, comfortable and pleasant to live in.
  4. Portland, OR - a place of hips and trendsetters, symbolizes individual freedom and enthusiasm, hosts music festivals and other entertaining events all year round.
  5. Minneapolis, MN - a city for good-weather lovers, hosting all-year-round celebrations and community events. 
  6. Philadelphia, PA - city of deep history, emotional stability, and wellness, a perfect place for meditation, emotional rehab, and a city to stay longer at. 
  7. Seattle, WA - a perfect place to get out and have fun any time around the year. Baseball, football, soccer games, concerts, festivals are held here and there to build a whirlwind of emotions for divorcees to heal their wounds. 
  8. Boston, MA - a place of great opportunities, suitable for profound educational, professional, and personal development.
  9. Washington D.C. - a city for art and history lovers, to develop your hobbies or career as a musician, to join a welcoming community, and have fun with the versatility of events. 
  10. Manhattan, NY - the city of great minds and talents, a place for new trends being born, famous for its bright and extraordinary lifestyle.

Change your life for the better by moving to the right place after divorce. Find your perfect city for recharge and begin your life from the fresh page with the best-nurturing surroundings. 

The Bottom Line

If you strive for changes but can’t select where to live after divorce, sit down and analyze your situation first. Count whether you want to stay close to your kids, friends, or relatives, take into account your professional and educational prospects, choose whether you strive for careless fun or peace for your mind and soul. This will lead you to the top-rated cities in your selected category so that you will make the right decision in the end.

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