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It's Back to School Time!

Back to school is in full swing in many places, while some still have a few more weeks left to enjoy their summer vacations. However one thing remains the same whether schools in session now or a few weeks from now - school supplies are a must have! And there are a ton of deals to be had. If shopping for college is on your list I highly suggest OCM. 

OCM (On Campus Marketing) partners with over 900 colleges and universities to provide students with everything they need to move into their first dorm or apartment. They even work directly with schools to offer students a curated assortment of products that are designed to fit their space. Of course you can also shop directly on their website if you prefer.

EarthKind® is the college essential that prepares students for the ugly-truth of dorm life – pests! Their eco-friendly, plant-based and poison-free repellents swap hazardous chemicals for a research-backed blend of plant fibers and essential oils, sourced from American regenerative farms. With options for spiders, moths, rodents and their newly launched ants & cockroaches deterrent, simply place the pouches in hard-to-reach, pest-prone areas of the dorm, such as closets, under-the-bed containers, micro-fridges, trash cans, desks and laundry bins to create a pest-free zone for 30-days, guaranteed. 

Getting all the essentials for dorm life is a lot of work. Check “pest prevention” off your list with EarthKind – the high-performance solution for easily ridding your dorm of unwanted pests – while preventing them from coming in at all.

Supercharge your grades, test scores, and take control of your overly-scheduled life with the Ultimate Student Planner from Class Tracker. A planner that helps you stay on top of assignments, extra curricular activities, key deadlines and daily tasks, so you have more freedom in your life to relax and enjoy yourself. Planners run from August to June and feature a two page spread with coil binding for ease of use.

Back to school also means a great reason for new shoes! Lugz is a great place for all of your back to school shoe needs. Did you know that if you prefer a men's style of a pair of shoes that all you have to do is order it two sizes smaller than your size in women's shoes? For instance if you are a ladies size 8 you'll order a men's size 6! Take the Lugz Men’s Flip Oxford Sneaker vs. the Women’s Lear Oxford Sneaker for example. They are both canvas style sneakers but the men's shoe has a little different styling to it. No matter which shoe style you choose you can't go wrong with Lugz!

Nurture Life has healthy Kids Meals that can help with the busy back-to-school routine. If parents don’t have time (or the energy!) to create well-balanced lunches or busy weeknight dinners, Nurture Life’s nutritious ready-to-eat meals for kids is a convenient option. Grab meals right out of the fridge to get the nutrition and quality of a homemade meal in just 1 minute. Heat it up, pack it in a thermos and your kids are ready to go! Kids will enjoy the delicious meal and parents will enjoy the no-prep, no-stress mealtime win.

Nurture Life also has school-safe, cookie-inspired snacks with little to no added sugar that are made with plant-based protein and other nutritious ingredients. A quick breakfast, an easy snack or a satisfying dessert. Mighty Bites do the trick any time of the day.

With all of the generic, unproven hand sanitizers available on store shelves, America’s #1 Hand Sanitizer, PURELL Hand Sanitizer is a safe and effective option. They have a variety of sizes and formulas available in stores and online retailers like Amazon. From portable options like their 1 oz Jelly Wraps to clip onto backpacks to individual personal sized packs that fit perfectly in lunch boxes. And don't forget their 2 oz. travel bottles, and of course tabletop bottles for the classroom. Every PURELL® product that leaves their facilities is a promise – a promise that the product is safe and efficacious so that you can get back to life, including in the classroom.

Paper cuts, knee scrapes and bruises are common injuries each school year, and it’s important that students (and teachers alike) are prepared for anything. Nexcare Duo provides an all-day hold and features a flexible, water-resistant fabric that holds up after handwashing. It’s the perfect bandage for any backpack, classroom, or college dorm. Unlike traditional bandages made with acrylic and rubber latex that irritate the skin, Nexcare Duo bandages are designed with silicone adhesive that’s as easy to remove as it is to apply.

How about some back to school snacks!

If you are looking for the perfect back to school snacks think! products has a line specifically meant for kids called thinkKIDS. With four different flavors, Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Crème, Peanut Butter Cup, and Vanilla Cupcake, kids can enjoy a range of dessert-like tastes, while parents can feel better knowing each bar provides a good source of protein and fiber, and has 45% less sugar than the leading granola bar.

think! also offers a variety of other flavors and different protein-filled bars for adults and teenagers as well, ranging from 10-20 grams of protein.

Holy Cow! Beef Rinds are the worlds first commercially available beef rinds to market. They're melt-in-your delicious and satisfy the nutritional + health concerns of a wide array of dietary preferences. They're keto, paleo, high in collagen protein and more. They're grass-fed, humane, hormone & antibiotic-free. We work directly with small farms so not only are they environmentally friendly, they're economically stimulating!
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