Stacy Talks & Reviews: Summer is in Full Swing!

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Summer is in Full Swing!

I don't know how things are where you're at, but where I live summer is in full swing. It's super hot and my garden is in full production mode! Which for me means lots of watering with all the heat we are having. The kids may have gone back to school, but that doesn't mean it's the end for weekend trips to enjoy the plentiful sunshine!

The Orbit B-hyve XD Hose Faucet Timer connects to any standard hose faucet, providing the ultimate smart yard controls for any tech savvy homeowner.

Notable features on the XD Hose Faucet Timer: 

  • Smart customization – Options range from using Smart WeatherSense technology that adjusts based on weather predictions and environmental characteristics to your own basic manual timing schedules.
  • Simpler connectivity built for the unpredictable – Through Bluetooth, users can pair Android and iOS devices directly with the timer (WiFi connection is available by adding the B-hyve Hub). If any connection issues occur, the XD Hose Faucet Timer stores the program and will continue to run as scheduled.
  • Multiple port devices and extensive range – Users can create multiple watering zones by connecting additional XD Hose Faucet Timers; the timers also network together to boost the signal strength -- and coming in Q3, the XD Hose Faucet Timer will be available in two-port and four-port devices, enabling users to water multiple stations from one location.

Of course once you're done with your hose you'll want to be sure you get it up and out of the yard before mowing time. There's nothing worse than having to stop mowing in the middle of the yard to pick of a hose that's been left out and still full of water. The easiest way is with a water hose reel that's on wheels so you can move it wherever you like. I speak from experience when I say the convenience alone makes high quality hose reels worth the price. Just wrap the hose around the center part and you're ready to wheel it away until you need it again.

Gardening can be tough on your hands. Thankfully, Digz Gardening Gloves are here for anyone with a passion for plants. This incredible line of gardening gear makes sure your digits stay safe while you get to work in the soil (or even making your next crafting masterpiece).The durable gloves are available in a variety of colors and hand-drawn patterns and also have touchscreen-compatible fingertips in case you need to snap a pic in the flower beds.  The gloves are steeped in color and also have touchscreen-compatible fingertips in case you need to snap a pic in the flower beds.

Keep your skin (and planet!) happy this summer with OLITA. As an EWG-verified brand, OLITA handles all sun care needs. Offering mineral sunscreen options and the popular Beach Be Gone sand remover body powder, there is no need to go anywhere else when stocking up for the family this summer. There is nothing harmful in any of these organic products - not for you or coral reefs. OLITA was awarded EWG’s safest sunscreen for kids and babies in 2020 and 2021 as well as Parent Magazine’s safest sunscreen for kids in 2021. OLITA also donates 10% of every purchase to ocean conservation by partnering with the Coral Reef Alliance. That’s protection with a purpose.

The GoPod Travel Activity Seat from Kidco is both portable and light weight at only 7 pounds. It's fold and go design makes it perfect for all occasion at home and away! The attached floor pad keeps baby’s feet on a clean surface whether at the camp fire, on a picnic or watching the big kids play sports. Four adjustable heights to grown with your baby. We even included a snack and drink holder! Five nylon loops allow you to attach baby’s favorite toys. At home, or on-the-go, your baby will be one happy camper! Includes storage/carry bag!

Funky Strokes makes sustainable outdoor rugs from recycled polypropylene plastic. The rugs are UV stabilized so the colors do not fade in the rain or snow. Their rugs are 100% waterproof, stain-resistant and mold+mildew resistant.

Rugs from Funky Strokes are perfect for anyone whose looking to add some beauty and décor to outdoor spaces - by the pool, on the beach, gardens, camping, RV's and much more. Show off your personal style with the trendy reversible design, to match your outdoor décor and furniture. 

Enjoy the outdoors without relentless bug attention thanks to Broken Top Candle Co. Repellent doesn't have to smell so bad anymore - with fresh lilac and lemon citronella scents. The perfect combination for a fruity, outdoor scent and bug repellent to make your nights on the patio or out camping a little more enjoyable.

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