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Keep your Cell Phone Trendy with Casely’s Subscription Club

Back-to-school shopping season may be over. But going-to-school shopping seems to last all year. There's always "something new" kids think they "have to have" because someone else has it. Whether it's a certain pair of sneakers or a fancy new cell phone case to coordinate with their favorite outfit its honestly never ending.

I don't know about that trendy pair of sneakers, but I do know Casely has you covered with those coordinating cell phone cases with their first-ever monthly phone case subscription club!

Today’s kids and young adults are using their smartphones as canvases for self-expression, curating “phone case wardrobes” to match their clothes. That used to mean spending $40-60 per case, but with Casely’s subscription club it only costs $15 per case. Casely’s stylists hand-select new trendy cases to ship to your door either every month or every three months, depending on your subscription. Don't worry you can choose the case style you want. Or if you like the element of surprise you can let them pick for you! Casely has cases for every size of iPhone and has just recently launched its first line of Samsung cases.

You can even share some of that trendy cell phone fashion with a gift subscription. Perfect for those kiddos you don't know what to get on their birthdays!

Of course Casely also offers a wide selection of cell phone cases that you can always shop from right on their website as well as phone rings, and phone wallets too.

My daughter and I both got a case for our iPhones and we love them. All around protection and stylish colors that fit both of our preferences.
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