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Keto Farms - Clean foods for Healthy Keto Living

I think by now we all know that what we put into our bodies is what supplies us with the energy we need for the day. And that means if you're putting high carb and high sugar foods into your body first thing in the morning you're going to burn through that energy pretty quick. And most likely come afternoon hit what we like to refer to as "the afternoon slump". I speak this from a first person standpoint because I've done it - more than once. Even after learning about Keto and low carb eating, I've still fallen into the "quick and easy" not so good for me food trap. So here I am again, picking up the pieces of my bad habits and trying to make them a thing of the past.

And that's where Keto Farms has been helping me out. First thing in the morning I'm no longer drinking a big cup of coffee with loads of flavored creamer. Which gave me my sudden burst of energy, followed by the yawns a few hours later. Now I'm fueling my body with either Keto Matcha or Keto Coffee paired with a little regular or flavored Stevia sweetener. And my energy level is staying pretty consistent with me till lunch. No more feeling like I need to break my fast early or I'm going to claw someone's eyes out. (Okay maybe it's not that bad, but some mornings it feels like it.)

And for those days I need a little extra something in the afternoons before dinner I've been enjoying Keto Farms Keto Snack Mix. It's a clean, nourishing snack that not only satisfies those "snack attack" cravings, but also keeps me full and helps to support my energy levels until it's time to eat a full meal. With just four simple ingredients: low-sugar fruits, savory cheeses, sprouted almonds, and sprouted walnuts or pecans they are both good for me and great tasting too!
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