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It's not too late to celebrate National Ice Cream Month!

Did you know July's National Ice Cream Month? I sure didn't until my good friends over at Loacker filled me in! Not that I need an excuse to enjoy a big bowl of ice cream. But hey what kind of person would I be if I didn't participate in National Ice Cream Month?

Loacker is getting to the bottom of how Americans eat their ice cream and bringing extra goodness into their days with these fun results from their 2019 Loacker National Ice Cream Month Survey!

Did you know...
• Three-quarters of Americans reported that they like to add a crunchy topping to their frozen treat.
• Virgos go out for ice cream the most.
• 79% of consumers love flavor combinations for their sweet treat, including adding salty, tangy, and spicy additions.
• 39% of millennials will buy their frozen treats from a specialized store, half as many baby boomers will do the same.
• Californians are the most likely to love a frozen treat in a cup, while Texans prefer dairy-based frozen treats more than any other Americans.

Be sure to check out the above infographic for even more fun results from the survey!

And if you're looking for a fun, and tasty way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month, Loacker offers Gelato Wafers in Lemon and Vanilla that are designed to be used as a spoon!
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