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Are you Back to School ready?

Back to school is just two weeks away for us! I can hardly believe it. We have almost everything all set and ready when it comes to back to school supplies, but there's always those last minute things that seem to pop up. Especially when it comes to fashionable accessories and snacks! Whether your kiddos are headed into grades K-12 or headed off to college you'll definitely find something in this round-up of back to school necessities!

You can always trust Pilot Pen to have a great assortment of fashionable pens in their back to school line up like the ones in the photo above.

FriXion ColorSticks - The FriXion line of writing instruments offers unlimited do-overs so you can write, erase and re-write until you get it right. We created thermo-sensitive ink that becomes clear from the heat generated via erasing friction. There’s no wear and tear to the paper or messy eraser crumbs. Write fearlessly with FriXion!

G2 Fashion - The G2 Fashion White Clips and Grips Collection is the newest additions to the G2 Fashion family. These pens feature brilliant while clips, grips and barrels adorned with Art Nouveau-inspired designs bringing fresh new looks to America’s favorite pen.  G2 is America’s #1 selling pen brand and #1 selling Go-2 gel ink pen. Known for its smooth writing and longest-lasting gel ink in America, G2 is the ultimate pen for overachievers! The G2 product line includes four point sizes and 26 color options ranging from black to pink to orange to teal.

Precise V5 - There is a fine line between good and great, and that line has been drawn by Pilot’s Precise V5 Rolling Ball Pens. The precision tips, modern design and incredibly smooth ink deliver an ultra-smooth, precision writing experience in decadent colors. America’s #1 selling Rolling Ball is available in classic or retractable. America’s #1 selling Rolling Ball pen is available in a capped design with an extra fine point.

FriXion Clicker - Pilot’s FriXion Clicker is America’s #1 selling erasable pen and the world’s first retractable pen that writes smoothly and erases cleanly. FriXion Clicker is also doing its part to end the bullying epidemic in US schools through the national “Erase Bullying for Good” campaign. Pilot is proud to kick off its newest partnership with Cartoon Network’s “stop Bullying: Speak Up” campaign. Between 2015 and 2020, Pilot will have donated $450,000 to organization s committed to building awareness and funding programs aimed at addressing bullying in schools across the country.

These "oldies but goodies" from Crayola as I like to call them will be on many parent's lists. From crayons for elementary school to colored pencils for high school Crayola has your coloring supply needs covered.

If you’re looking for the must-have multi-tasking hair products, to get kids out the door faster, look no further than 11 Things I Love About You Leave In Conditioner. This nourishing daily treatment is something that we don’t think anyone should be without, and now is a great time to introduce it into your haircare regimen. Among the laundry list of benefits, this leave-in conditioner moisturizes dry hair (perfect for post-pool or beach hair!) and has SPF to offer your hair all-day protection in case you forget your hat at home. This product is great for all hair types, and won’t damage color-treated hair either.

The Knot Anymore Comb makes a great partner (it has Argan and Olive Oil AND Keratin Protein built into the comb – so say goodbye to snarls and snags)! If you have a tender-headed little one – we have you covered with the Pillow Talk Paddle Brush. This brush was created for dense hair penetration without tearing, and the ceramic, tourmaline and ion infused ball tips will leave hair static free. And once you've got their hair all combed out it's time to pull it up or pull it back! The Tie & Band Soft Hair Ties let you go from a fashion focused accessory to must-have hair tie. Because we all know kids like to wear them on their wrist for those in a pinch moments they need to pull their hair back.

Master Lock has you covered when it comes to keeping things secure. Whether it be a school or gym locker or keeping things safe back in the dorm room they have just what you need. From padlocks to security bars and portable safes!

Master Lock® Magnification Combination Padlock: Named a winner of Popular Science’s 2018 Best of What’s New Awards for its security category, the Master Lock Magnification Combination Padlock features an optical grade 360-degree magnification lens and larger font size for easy reading. The magnification lens also obscures combinations from nearby onlookers to ensure students’ belongings are safe from intruders.

Master Lock Door Security Bar: College students moving into dorms or off-campus residences can utilize the Master Lock Door Security Bar for an extra layer of security. The dual function, adjustable door security bar resists forced entry through entry doors and sliding patio doors offering simple security.

Master Lock Portable Safe: The Master Lock Portable Safe is the ultimate portable solution for securing small valuables – such as cell phones, cash, credit cards and keys. The portable safe also includes a cable to wrap securely around a fixed object or use as a carrying handle, providing increased security and convenience while on-the-go.

A busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on health, and ICONIC’s ready to drink protein shakes are the perfect grab and go breakfast item, especially when adjusting your morning routine for the back-to-school season. ICONIC’s protein shakes are made with good for you ingredients and sold in a variety of flavors for all taste-buds, from Cacao + Greens to Coconut Matcha, Turmeric Ginger, Chocolate Truffle and more. With so many different flavors there's something everyone will love. I know my daughter was partial to the chocolate truffle while I really liked the vanilla bean alot. If you try one and aren't fond of the flavor definitely don't give up because there's something everyone will like, I promise!

ICONIC’s ready-to-drink protein shakes are low sugar, low carb, high protein and nutrient rich, made with premium protein and packed with Omega-3 fats, Vitamin E, beta-carotene and CLA.. The low calorie, minimal sugar beverages are the perfectly convenient, guilt-free snack that offers long-term satiety without all the junk and fillers.

They also offer tasty, low sugar protein powders in Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Truffle and Unflavored Protein powder, which you can keep in a shaker bottle and fill up with water for a quick protein boost. All of ICONIC’s products are also low calorie, so there is no fear that they will contribute to the freshman 15 (for college kids)!

Whether you’re getting the kids ready in the morning and need a quick breakfast before dropping them off at school, or you’re a college student and need a pick me up before that 8am class, ICONIC suits a variety of busy lifestyles so you don’t have to compromise on health.

Back to school should of course include some fun new apparel like these two t-shirts from The Craft Lab Creations. Whether you're kiddo is a cat lover or a dog lover they have your kiddos (or yourself) covered with their fun shirt designs. They even have matching magnets (like the one shown above) that would be super cute hanging inside of your kiddos locker, or on the fridge with reminder messages. My daughter is a huge cat lover so she was really excited about receiving her cat imprinted shirt. She says it's going to be her "back to school" shirt this year. And she's taking the magnet to hang notes inside of her locker.

The Craft Lab Creations also has a wide selection of unique jewelry, room decor, mugs and more. It's a great place to shop for unique gifts you won't find any place else.

Speaking of fun not all school supplies were meant to be mainstream. And that's where Scribble Stuff comes into the picture with their tween/teen styled pens. Even the packaging is newly re-branded to
convey a fun, bold, and whimsical statement! From gel pens and felt pens to highlighters, push-up erasers and mechanical pencils Scribble Stuff has it all. And they even have it all together in their 25 piece assortment writing set. It's a great place to start if you're not sure exactly what they'll need. And once they've had a chance to try them all out you can always add to their collection with full sets of their gel pens and felt pens in a wide variety of colors.

Of course everyone still needs those ever important #2 pencils for homework and test taking. USA Gold is a great quality brand to fit the bill. Proudly made from premium wood in Tennessee. These pencils sharpen evenly and write smoothly. And they have long-lasting erasers too! Not to mention they are teacher recommended.

Breakfast isn't always the easiest thing to squeeze in on those busy back to school mornings so I like to keep quick and convenient foods on hand for my kiddos to easily grab and go. Heck my son has been known to keep a package of Tastykake donuts in his truck because he's always running behind in the mornings. And in true back to school style Tastykake has two new flavors in their line-up ready for kiddos to enjoy for breakfast - or an afternoon snack.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich - The Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich features two crispy chocolate chip cookies held together by a smooth mint cream. They’re available everywhere Tastykake is sold in both a single and multi pack option.

Cookies & Creme Mini Donuts - Scoop Shop Cookies & Crème Mini Donuts are available everywhere Tastykake is sold for $2.99 per 9.5oz bag or $1.79 for the six-count single serve option. These tasty twists on classic treats provide the perfect indulgence to kick a craving or enjoy just for the fun of it.

*On a side note I recommend keeping a package of the Cookies & Creme Mini Donuts in the refrigerator. They are a REALLY good anytime snack chilled.

Takeya is one of the fastest-growing active fitness water bottle brands. They're perfect for keeping a kiddos beverage cold in their lunch bags. Or for after school practices. Thanks to the extremely well insulated double wall of stainless steel, Takeya keeps drinks ice cold for 24 hours, no worries that its contents will turn hot mid-day. All Takeya lids are also insulated, reassuring a flawless temperature control. The Takeya's hinged handle notably sets it apart from other water bottles.

Takeya bottles come in a variety of stylish colors that cater to all kids’ tastes including some of the most popular (blush, sky, coral, lilac, canary) as well as a range of sizes including 14, 18, 24, 32 and 40 oz. making them great for all ages. Plus they have your choice of a spout or a straw lid making them functional for younger kids all the way up to adults in college. I for one prefer the spout whereas my daughter likes to regulate how much she drinks and prefers the straw. We tested these two out on a super hot day and the contents stayed good and chilled even after a long afternoon of errands in my hot car.

For those of you with kiddos heading off to college you'll want to check out the awesome (and very high quality I might add) bedding line from Alterra Pure. They even have sheet sets that are a perfect fit for those twin XL beds that most dorms offer. I for one love that the corners of the sheets have an elastic strap that helps keep them on the mattress. There's nothing worse than your fitted sheet coming off in the middle of the night and waking up to a half made bed. The other great part about these particular sheets is that they don't just feel cool when you first get in bed, they actually stay cool through out the entire night. Perfect for those that like a cool sleeping environment. They even have duvet covers that are perfect for allowing kids to continue using that old ratty "favorite blanket" but keep it's lack of beauty hidden inside of a crisp clean cover.

About Alterra Pure:
Our organic Fitted Sheets are woven of 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton. Cool and Crisp percale for the best night's sleep.  Woven as a single-ply, 1x1 percale, 310tc, these organic fitted bed sheets are cool and crisp for a most freeing and unencumbered sleep.  Typically found in luxury hotels, heirloom fitted bed sheets are very durable and will only improve with age. Alterra Pure goes beyond organic by verifying organic content at the fiber and finished stages. Sustainable production, fair trade wages, eco-friendly LEED certified factory.

Stay tuned for even MORE great back to school products coming soon!
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