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Gifts that will make her smile!

Something that has always made me smile is a brand new outfit. And not just any outfit, but an outfit complete with coordinating jewelry. If you want to buy jewelry, read this guide to choosing a loose diamond. That smile you see on my face is genuine because I immediately fell in love with my new outfit that I received from Cracker Barrel. I love their apparel and their jewelry lines because they are so unique and you won't find anything like it in department stores. In this photo I'm wearing their Olive Knit Dress with Multi-Color Cardigan over the top. They also sent me their Tassel Necklace and Earring Set to give the outfit just a bit of spunk. I paired it all up with a pair of fleece leggings and boots since it's been cold out lately. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the way the outfit looks - and feels!

Speaking of feeling. Anytime I think about Mr. Bubble I get this warm feeling inside. It reminds me of when I was a kid taking warm bubble baths. It wasn't an every day thing so to me it was special when I smelled Mr. Bubble upon walking into the bathroom. Even today I still enjoy treating myself to a warm bath every now and then. Of course there's not always time for a warm bath so sometimes I like to use a shower bomb from the Luxe by Mr. Bubble to treat myself instead. Both make excellent stocking stuffers!

Mr. Bubble Retro Bubble Bath Ornament
This iconic bubble bath has been making bath time fun for more than 50 years. Enjoy the nostalgia with eight ounces of bubble bath, packaged in a retro replica of the original 1961 bubble bath box design. The festive hanging design allows you to tuck the surprise gift right on the tree or attach to a stocking hook. Retailing for $3.00, this product is available starting Nov. 25 at Target and online at

Luxe by Mr. Bubble Shower Bombs
Why should bubbles get all the fun this season? These shower bombs come packaged as a pair and in two fun fragrances intended to transport you to the land of relaxation: Fa la la la Lady in Original Bubble fragrance and Merry & Clean in Sweet & Clean fragrance. Get them early before they sell out. Retailing for $4.99, they are available starting Nov. 4 at Target and online at

For some part of feeling good on the inside is glamming up on the outside with a little bit of make-up.  I'm not big on wearing much make-up, I'm more of a keep it simple gal. A bit of color on my lips and eyes is usually my every day go to. Sephora has some really nice small gift sets that are perfect for people like me that like to keep it simple. Of course they have a wide selection of larger sets too for those that like to go all out. And I say if you've got the gift of looking good in make-up then flaunt it girl!

Now this one may seem like a strange thing to say would make a gal smile. But trust me a GOOD hair remover is a must when it comes to shaving your legs, and a really good one will definitely make a lady smile. The Braun Silk-├ępil 5 SensoSmart™ Wet & Dry Epilator (in my opinion) is one of those worth smiling over. It's the first epilator I've ever owned and I will say after using it I will never go back to my old rechargeable electric razor. This one is cordless and can be used on dry skin or in the bath or shower for extra convenience. The starter set comes with massage rollers, a skin contact cap, a shaver attachment and trimmer attachment for sensitive areas like the bikini line. I've not tried all of the attachments yet but the ones I have I really like. And to make it even better my legs have stayed smooth for way longer than from using a traditional razor. Now that's a good reason to smile ladies!

If I were to receive either of these two items from the Precious Moments Eat Well, Pray Often, Love Always collection as a gift it would definitely make me smile. I know this because when my sample package from Precious Moments I did smile when I opened it up. First up I love Precious Moments, and secondly I love the sayings on this collection. The Kitchen Canister is perfect for display, or for storing your homemade fresh baked cookies for the holidays. I love that it has a nice rubberized seal around the lid so I don't have to worry about my baked goods getting stale. The Oven Mitt/Pot Holder/Spoon Set is a great companion set and will bring joy to any kitchen. I'm actually going to pass it along to my niece because she just got married and moved into their first home and I know she will enjoy it. The Precious Moments Eat Well, Pray Often, Love Always collection is available on

Again you may be asking yourself if a vacuum will really make a woman smile. And again I will tell you if it's a "GOOD" vacuum than yes it will. I've owned my share of vacuums over the years and let me tell you a good one vs. a bad one (one that doesn't pick up well) can make your day so much easier when it comes to cleaning your house. I like to have what I call a "deep cleaning" vacuum that I use once a week on all of the floors and rugs and a "daily cleaning" vacuum that I use for the days in between my deep cleanings. The AirRam Cordless Vacuum is my new daily cleaning vacuum and so far I'm really liking it. I love how the swivel steering and a lay flat handle make it so easy to sweep under furniture and around corners. Being cordless I can use it in any room of the house quickly and easily. Plus it's lightweight so It's no big deal to carry it up (or down) the stairs to do other rooms in the house. The multi-surface brush roll works on both hard floors and carpets. It's a little finicky on my hardwood floors when it comes to picking up small rocks or kitty litter but it's a workhorse on the carpeted areas. And to finish it off it's super easy to empty via the removable dirt bin with built-in Easy Empty slider that pushes out debris, hair and dirt for a mess free empty. There's nothing better than a vacuum that doesn't make a mess of it's own when you empty it!

And to round out this post I introduce you to the Purple Everywhere Cushion. Before receiving this I had never heard of Purple Seat Cushions or the company Purple itself. And it's not something that would have ever come to mind to give (or receive) as a gift. But now that I've had the chance to check out my Purple Everywhere Cushion I have a whole different thought process. Purple cushions are made from Hyper-Elastic Polymer and are engineered to relax under pressure while evenly supporting your weight. They are designed with a soft upper layer and firm bottom layer for anti-fatigue support that never bottoms out. I took this one with me over the weekend to a sports game and tested it out on the bleachers and let me tell you it was a life (or should I say butt) saver! Since then I've even been checking out the other cushion options. I'm thinking I need one for my home office chair next!

I hope you found something that will make you smile or someone you know! Feel free to comment with your favorite product listed or with other great ideas you would like to see featured.

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