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Getting crafty for the holidays!

One of the best parts of having a daughter that likes to craft is getting her fun crafting kits for her birthday and Christmas. One thing I've been trying to do lately is get her kits she can actually put to use. Instead of making something that really has no purpose I try to get her things she can use like these fun kits from LaurDIY. Each of these fun crafting kits gives her a project to do, and then when she's done a finished piece that she can use to decorate her bedroom with. So really it's almost like giving her two gifts in one - a craft and a decor piece!

Illuminating Lamp Kit –to construct and paint a 3D nightlight for your room that changes colors.

Letter Board Kit – to decorate and personalize the stylish board included and use it to write fun messages on.

Marble Desk D├ęcor Kit – to create a marbleized desk calendar and stationery set.

Nothing says holiday crafting like gift sets from Crayola. Every year my daughter looks forward to seeing what new crafts she will get to try out from Crayola. They always have something new and fun in store. And let me tell you the two sets we got had her pretty excited. The first one is there Color Chemistry Lab Set. This set includes an easy-to-read instruction booklet that’s packed with 50 colorful science-y activities you get to try out at home. There are enough Crayola® materials and supplies to do 16 experiments right out of the box, which is a great start. We both love that it came with so many supplies inside allowing us to do more than just one experiment like many sets. Plus it gives you detailed instructions that are easy to follow so kids can complete them on their own with minimal adult interaction.

The other set we got was their Ultimate Light Board. This one isn't exactly a craft, but more of a creative outlet. With the Crayola® Ultimate Light Board you can create amazing art and display it in a big, bold way. Just draw your masterpiece directly on to the Light Board surface and then turn it on to watch your designs shine! The bright LEDs built into the frame make the inks from the included Gel FX Markers glow! The removable back panel makes tracing images a snap. And when you’re ready, just wipe the screen clean for unlimited creativity. My daughter is super into drawing so I knew this one would be a hit with her too. She wants to learn how to free-hand draw cats and this is a great place to practice over, and over, and over!

Kids still into making that ooey gooey slime? Then fill their stocking with Glow in the Dark and Glitter Glue! Both of these awesome glues from Elmer's give crafts (including slime!) a fun twist. The Glow in the Dark Glue is available in three neon colors that come to life once the lights are out, while the Glitter Glue adds a bold, glittery pop of color. Be sure to check out the Elmer's website where you can find a full listing of all of the glitter and glow colors available as well as recipes for making slime!

Speaking of a pop of color check out all of these beautiful colors from Sharpie. I've been using Sharpie markers for as long as I can remember. From labeling boxes, to art projects, to making marks I just don't want to wash off. And to give me a wide selection of colors to choose from. I have to say I was really excited when they started expanding the color choices in their markers, and especially their fine line markers because they are great for coloring in small spaces.  I can always count on Sharpie to give me the lasting impressions I need.

Be sure to stop over to the Sharpie sweepstakes going on with the Sharpie specialty packs. Sharpie fans can enter the Uncap the Possibilities sweepstakes and could win one of more than 50,000 prizes, including a trip to New York City to meet Aaron Judge! has all the information, sweeps will end 3/31/2019.

If using big permanent markers isn't quite your thing then you'll want to hop on over to the Prismacolor line. They have a vast array of choices for all of your artistic needs. The Prismacolor Premier® Illustration Markers are perfect for outlining, lettering, and free form drawing. No worries about the marker lines being to big with these! The Prismacolor Premier® Soft Core Colored Pencils feature soft, thick cores that are perfect for layering, blending, and shading, and the Prismacolor Premier® Art Stix® that feature exposed soft cores that offer a great solution for projects that require large surface areas of color coverage. Now that's ALOT of color options all in one line. I like to use the Illustration Markers when I'm making homemade greeting cards because they don't run or leave thick lines. And my daughter likes to use the colored pencils and art stix for her art club after school.

And did I mention I am in love with their Premier Adult Coloring Kits? They include everything one would need to get started literally right out of the box. Have a friend that's always talked about wanting to do adult coloring books? This is the perfect gift for them.

Prismacolor Premier® accessories are also very helpful when you're drawing and creating on paper. There's nothing worse than trying to fill in a small area with a dull pencil. The Prismacolor Premier® Sharpener features two different steel blades: one for a fine point, the other for a medium point giving you the "point" you need every time. The Prismacolor Premier® Pencil Blender allows for easy layering and blending of colored pencil artwork. And the three piece Prismacolor Premier® Eraser Set gives you just the right eraser for all your drawing and sketching needs.

Like I said I've never had good handwriting so I've actually been using my new Prismacolor Premier® Beginner Hand Lettering Kit to help me out. It comes with everything you need to get started including a tips/tricks pamphlet. With a little practice I will hopefully be able to create some really nice holiday cards this year that don't look like a little kid wrote them! Of course for those that aren't as artistically challenged as I am they also have a Prismacolor Premier® Advanced Hand Lettering Kit available too with even more illustration markers to choose from!

Need something a little more basic to get your coloring and letting juices flowing? Try out one of these two books that are full of color and super easy to follow along with.

Design intricate patterns, embellishments, decorations, and more with the eight amazing gel pens! The pictures will jump off the page with the vivid gel pen colors. With instructional hints to make your designs uniquely you and plenty of pages waiting for a creative touch, this kit is a wonderful gift for artists of all kinds. With tear-out pages so you can display your masterpieces when you’re finished, this kit has everything you need to become the next gel pen Picasso!

Add your own creative flourishes to any handwritten note, sign, or piece of art by using the techniques in Hand Lettering. This kit includes a 64-page project book with suggestions and examples of how you can put a little flair into any written word. How-to sections provide useful information on font selection, must-have supplies, and practice techniques.

And if journaling is more you're thing these are both great titles to get you (or your gift recipient) started. 

Capture your mood or record your thoughts in any way you like with the Creative Journaling Set! This fun kit comes with a 112-page journal and a 48-page project book full of ideas for decorating the journal pages. With the enclosed stickers, washi tape, colored pencils, and pen, journaling becomes a creative and rewarding activity rather than a chore. The journal can be used as a diary, a daily planner, an organizer, or anything else your imagination can produce!

The Scripture Journaling Set contains everything you need to celebrate your faith with creativity on a daily basis. The kit includes a 112-page journal and a 48-page project book full of ideas for decorating the journal pages, along with stickers, washi tape, colored pencils, and a felt-tip pen. With all these items at your disposal, expressing your devotion becomes a fun and rewarding activity, and one that can be used for self-reflection throughout your life. Whether you use the journal as a diary, a daily planner, or a creative outlet for your thoughts, the act of putting words and color to paper is one that is sure to inspire.

Sometimes we all need something simple to do to help us unwind. I'm sure you know what I mean when I say a mindless craft right? That's what Scratch & Draw books make me think of. It's something I can do without really having to give it much thought. And when I'm finished no matter what my creation looks like it's okay. This particular Scratch & Draw book actually helps you create beautiful botanicals. It's really easy to follow so you can do it when you don't want to give your crafting much thought. A perfect gift for someone that likes to doodle and draw!

Features 20 inspirational and decorative illustrations of flowers, leaves, and other botanical designs! You can copy the examples or make variations as you create your own personalized drawing.

Maybe you're looking for something in a totally different direction all together? How about creating beautiful pieces of jewelry at home all by yourself! What better gift to give than one made at home with love. I know those are some of my favorite gifts from my daughter (and son when he was younger). With some basic tools from ImpressArt you can start making your own custom jewelry at home in no time. They have everything you need including the jewelry pieces and stamps to imprint fun designs on them. It's so easy to do even my 12-year old daughter has been working on making a few things for Christmas gifts. She's using one of the dog tag shapes and a key-ring loop to make her dad a keychain with deer antlers on it. He will be so surprised to learn she made it all by herself. And that will make him love it even more!

If you're like me you enjoy personalizing gifts and organizing your crafts. And that's where this awesome DYMO COLORPOP! label maker comes in real handy. Simply spell out what you want to say on the screen and then hit the printer icon and you're labels are ready to go! I have always had messy hand writing so I've always been a big fan of using a DYMO label maker for labeling drawers, containers, you name it (Get it? You name it!). Customize your messages your way with six font sizes, eight text styles, and more than 150 emojis and symbols. This particular unit is even extra special because you can add colorful, glittery labels! 

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