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Don't forget your furry friends this holiday season!

If you have furry friends I'm sure you have lots of cute photos of them on your phone just like I do. And will probably be taking even more throughout the holiday season. And just like the ones we take of our "real" kids we don't want to lose those precious photos. Thanks to Pet Photo Saver you don't have to worry about that happening. The Pet Photo Saver is an awesome 2-in-1 tool that not only organizes your pet photos, but also backs them up on the drive for safe keeping.

How does it work you ask? Simply plug in Pet Photo Saver and watch it scan your entire digital photo album in minutes! The magic is in the facial recognition software. Pet parents can select from dog, cat, bird, fish, small animals like bunnies, reptile or horse and the app does the rest. After the scan and copy to the Pet Photo Saver device, with one tap of the finger, an adorable digital photo album is ready to show off to friends and co-workers or store for safekeeping. And once you’ve backed up your pet photos to the drive, it can add new images as you take them with your phone. You can even have a separate album for each of your pets making it super fast and easy to find all those adorable photos of your beloved pets. Now I don't have to scroll through literally over a thousand photos to find that one "super cute" photo I want to show off.

It's the perfect accessory to buy for yourself just because, or holiday gift for a pet lover on your list!

Speaking of pets (and being able to save those adorable photos) here's one of my sweet buddy Felix in his new 2 in 1 Cuddler/Cat House from Messy Mutts. Within minutes of taking it out of the box and laying it on the floor he was curled up inside. He's one of those pampered cats that likes to sleep on something soft and not the hard floor. I tried the alternate way making it more like a bed, but he just sniffs it and walks away. I guess he would rather be warm and cozy inside! I can't say that I blame him the inside of the cat house is super soft.

The 2 in 1 Cuddler/Cat House (MSRP $50) is a convertible pop-up bed that provides cats a perfect place to curl up for that all-important nap. When closed this bed with its bolstered sides provides cats with a secure and comfortable place to sleep. Pop up its top and it becomes the ultimate enclosed space that all cats crave. Like all Messy Mutts beds the 2 in 1 Cuddler/Cat House uses EVERFRESH® probiotic technology to continuously provide natural, non-toxic odor control. Available in designer colors and textures this bed also has a non-slip base to prevent sliding.

Of course if I'm going to show off one pets new bed I can't leave out our pup Java and her new bed. And just like Felix you can see she's made herself at home on her Purple Pet Bed. Her old bed was so flat when she laid on it she literally touched the floor. I can't imagine that it was very comfortable for her. Once her new Purple bed arrived I tossed it on the floor where he old bed used to sit and she immediately sniffed it over, then laid down. Some say a dog can sleep anywhere, and yes that's probably true. But when given the choice between the hard floor, her old flat bed, and her new Purple bed Java chooses her Purple Pet Bed every time!

The Purple Pet Bed is scientifically engineered to help pets feel and sleep better. The Smart Comfort Grid™ technology balances softness and support to relieve pressure points and comfortably align a pet’s body. Bacteria-resistant and accident-proof with advanced antimicrobial materials with two layers of spill-resistant protection defend against bacteria, odors and fluids. Built to last, ultra-durable materials are rigorously tested to handle years of use and abuse from pets.

Now that everyone is all set with their beds it's time to talk treats and toys! Our pup Java is a big fan of anything she's allowed to chew on. From treats to toys she loves to chew. And as pet owners we love to reward her with treats and even special toys for her good behavior and not chewing on things she's not supposed to. It honestly amazes me how she knows the difference between her toys and my daughter's stuffed animals. Java takes pride in making sure we know which toys are hers too. She breaks them in with lots of puppy slobber so no one even thinks about wanting to steal them. And that was just the case when I offered up one of her new toys from DOG for DOG. She immediately took off with it and gave it a "proper bath". DOG for DOG provides pet owners with high quality, natural ingredient dog food, treats, toys and accessories with a mission to help dogs in need. With each toy purchase, they also donate to a dog in need!

Got a dog that loves to chew and chew, and chew? I know Java sure does every toy she gets she chews on it until she either tears it up or gets bored. goDog® Toys with Chew Guard Technology™ are the perfect toys for any pup that loves to chew. Chew Guard offers added durability to help toys stand up to tough chewers. So if your pup loves to chew the toys in this line are a great option for you! Or should I say for your dog!?

Besides cats and dogs there are lots of other critters out there that deserve a little holiday love too! For instance at our house we have chickens, goats and my daughter has pet mice. Thankfully the good people over at Ware Pet Products knows this and has lots of great products just for them. And let me tell you our chickens just love when you show up with something new in your hand. They are right there checking it out. That was just the case when I walked in with their new water cooler. It only took them a short time before they figured out how to use it (since the one we have has the drinking ports underneath) and were drinking away. It took a little longer for my daughter's mice to check out and actually start using their KAPOK Build-A-Nest. Maybe because they are a little more skiddish than chickens. Either way they are slowly moving the nesting materials inside of the tube that was crafted from the product packaging. This was something I was actually quite impressed with. The only thing we had to throw away was the bag the nesting materials came in. Pretty neat!

Don't forget some special treats too! Ora-Bone™ Dental Treats from Loving Pets are designed to do dental BETTER. With three breath freshening ingredients (mint, parsley & chlorophyll) that fight bad breath in your dog’s mouth and gut. Ora-Bone’s unique design has up to two times the cleaning surface area of similar products! What's more, Ora-Bone is MADE IN THE USA! Oh and the pare I really like (besides that they keep Java occupied for so long) is that they are available in zipper bags.

And just like us humans our pets deserve a good rounded meal that's made for THEM. The holidays are a great time to remember that. Instead of being tempted to toss them some scraps or leftovers from your holiday meal you could stop in at Tractor Supply Company and pick up a bag of 4health Organic Chicken and Lentil Formula Dog Food instead. 4health Organic Chicken and Lentil Formula Dog Food is a premium quality dry dog food, developed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of highly active dogs and is offered exclusively at Tractor Supply (in-store or online). Using real chicken as the main ingredient, this recipe offers a high-quality source of protein that aids the body to heal tissue, grow hair and maintain a smooth skin and coat. It would be better for them than something off your plate, and I'm sure they would say thank you (if they could)!

If your pets are all set indoors then it's time to think about something outdoors for them. With the cold settled in for the winter a new coat is a great gift idea for you pup that has to go outside to potty. The North Country Coat from Kurgo is made from a durable Ripstop and 1200 denier material that stands up tough on the trail and effortlessly sheds water, wind and snow. Inside, it’s lined with a soft fleece to keep your furry friend warm and comfortable through any conditions. Available in three stylish colors and sizes X-Small through X-Large it's sure to be a hit with all breeds and sizes of dog.
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