Stacy Talks & Reviews: September is National Preparedness Month

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September is National Preparedness Month

With the news filled with the wildfires out west and the hurricane to the southeast it really gets a person thinking about being prepared. I know for me up here in Indiana I don't think much about wildfires or hurricanes. Well except when we get larger than usual amounts of rain. Granted it's nothing like what the people right in the path of a hurricane feel to us it's alot when we get several inches multiple days in a row. I can honestly only imagine what it's like for those that are right in the path. I've heard stories from family/friends that live in both areas so I do know a bit about what they feel like. And that is what got me thinking about being prepared. I may not live right in the direct path of wildfires or hurricanes, but disaster can still happen just the same. I mean what if a tree fell on our house allowing all those extra inches of rain to come pouring into our house? I'd be sitting here wishing I had been better prepared.

With a little help from SentrySafe® and Master Lock you can start preparing now by keeping your valuable safe. Not just from wildfires and hurricanes, but from everyday life events too. Don't let yourself be victim to the "I wish I had been better prepared" aftermath.

SentrySafe® Digital Fire Safe: An ideal storage solution to protect documents and valuable assets from wildfire and flood damages. Its solid steel construction provides durable and reliable protection in extreme weather while a pry-resistant hinge bar protects against theft.

Master Lock SafeSpace® Portable Personal Safe: For homeowners that need temporary security while on-the-go, this portable safe allows for convenient and secure transportation of small personal items. Keep valuables secure by tightly wrapping the cable around a fixed object or double the cable to use as a carrying handle for easy transporting.

New Master Lock® Universal Lock Box: In the event of a natural disaster, lock boxes provide a secure way for friends, family and first responders to check on their loved ones. This new lock box is the only one on the market that features an adjustable shackle, so it can be affixed to almost any style of door hardware. Its wide metal body allows for enhanced durability, weather protection and security for spare keys to homes and other properties.

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