Stacy Talks & Reviews: 9 Essentials to Carry When Going on a Road-trip with Your Dog

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9 Essentials to Carry When Going on a Road-trip with Your Dog

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. You can no longer hit the road for days and return whenever you feel like it. Your dog needs food and water top ups along with your companionship. But does that really mean that you can no longer go on your cherished road trips? Take your dog to the vet, get them vaccinated on time and get your vet to suggest some medicine for motion sickness for your dog. After your visit to the vet, you are ready to hit the road with your dog. There are a few things that you need to pack along with your things when you are travelling with your dog.
Car Seat Cover
No matter what dog you have, they are bound to shed all over your car. There are car seat covers that you can strap onto your car seat. Branded discount pet items, like car seat covers, can make your journey comfortable and clean. Ensure that the seat cover you have bought is waterproof, just in case your dog has an accident on the road.

It is best to give your dog a small drink of water before you start your journey. If you notice your dog hyperventilating you need to stop and give your dog a drink of water. When you reach your destination, you need to provide food and water to your dog, so it is vital to carry a couple of bowls. You can buy branded discount pet items like foldable bowls to save space.

Both your dog and you will need water throughout the journey. Instead of buying water at gas stations, stock up on a few bottles from home.

It is best to road trip on an empty or lightly filled stomach. Carry treats that can help your dog stay slightly filled yet not enough for them to vomit. If you are planning overnight journeys, then you should carry dry food with you to give your dog when you do take a long stop.

A leash or harness is essential to carry. No matter how obedient your dog is, you might require to put them on a leash at some places like parks. With the help of branded discount pet items, you can buy the right leash for your dog.

Apart from any regular medicine that your dog might be taking, you need to ask your vet for medications that you should carry with you. Your vet might suggest some medication to help your dog with motion sickness and nausea.

Vaccine Record
Carrying your dog’s vaccine records is important. In case of an emergency, the vaccine records can keep your dog safe from trouble. It can even be used as a proof of ownership.

Poop Bags
With your dog in tow, you might have to take more stops. Wherever you stop to give your dog a break, you cannot leave their poop. Carry poop bags to pick up after your dog. Branded discount pet items, like poop bags, are available online for cheap.

Your dog might love sticking their head out of your car. Keep their eyes protected with the help of these special goggles. Put doggles on your dog at home to ensure that they are used to wearing them and will not toss them out of your car.
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