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StarKist Chicken & Salmon Creations for snack or meal time ready!

In my house I know it's back to school time because I'm always hearing those famous words "I'm hungry, what is there to eat?" as soon as my daughter walks through the door. As if she don't know how to open the cupboard/refrigerator to check. Or maybe she thinks something is going to magically make itself and fall into her lap. Either way this mom has come up with the perfect solution to ward off those words. StarKist Chicken & Salmon Creations packets. They are ready to eat packets of seasoned chicken and salmon that will definitely satisfy those after school hunger pains. I made up a basket with some of the packets, crackers, tortilla shells, and a list with other ideas to pair them with and put it on the kitchen counter. Now when my daughter comes through the door asking "what's to eat" I can point her in the direction of that basket. Then she can make herself a snack in a matter of minutes.

I also like to use the packets when I am running errands and need a quick lunch for myself. Dip some celery sticks right into the packet to scoop up the meat and you have yourself a snack on the go!

Check out the StarKist website for a full listing of their flavors available. I guarantee there's something everyone in your house will love. I know in my house everyone has their favorites picked out. I've even caught my daughter writing her name across packets warning others not to steel her favorite flavor.

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