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Benner's Gardens Fencing

We live in the country so there are lots of wildlife animals running around our yard, especially with the warm weather. And many of those are not animals we want hanging around our chicken coop. In the past we've actually lost chickens to those critters so we know they are out there. Since we got some new chickens recently we've had to do some added prevention to make sure they can't get in and feast on our new babies. That's where Benner's Gardens comes into play. They have a really nice line of rodent barrier fencing that is perfect for the job. I like their fencing because it's the PVC-coated steel looks nicer than just plain metal fencing like we've had before. The black coating gives it a more updated and quality look if you ask me. Plus it doesn't snag as easy when you're installing it like the exposed metal fencing does. I know our old fencing is rusting in many places after years of being out in the weather and it just doesn't look good anymore. As we are able to we plan to update our fencing to the hex fencing from Benner's Gardens so it all looks fresh and nice out back of our house.

Benner's Gardens also offers a variety of other fencing options as well as gates and accessories. Be sure to check them out next time you're in the market for a new fence!

About Benner's Gardens: Since 1992, Benner’s Gardens has been committed to providing safe, high-quality products. They provide excellent customer service for all of your deer fencing and wildlife exclusion needs. The offer competitive pricing for pet and wildlife deterrent and enclosure solutions as well as all types of deer fencing including high deer fence, animal repellants, dog enclosures, rodent barriers, wildlife nettings and turf protection. Although most of our customers want to prevent damage to their beautiful gardens and orchards, they also do not want to ruin their views with ugly chain-link fencing. Benner’s Advantage Deer Fencing is practically invisible and will blend in with the countryside! Our fencing is black and it practically disappears once you install it. We guarantee it will not spoil your view!

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