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My daughter recently got a couple of new pals since her hamsters both moved on to the great beyond. Now we have two gerbils in their place with the hopes they enjoy their home just as much as the critters we had before them. We like to always have special treats on hand for all of our pets so I was really excited about getting these for our new gerbils. Both treats offer them a little added nutrition in a different way so we can offer up both kinds to them at the same time. So far they both seem to enjoy the treats equally and they also like to run off with them as soon as we drop them in. It kind of reminds me of kids with candy. As soon as they get it they either run off and eat it, or hide it so no one else can steal it from them.

Kaytee Fiesta Pop-A-Rounds Treat Small Animal Treats give your pets a yummy treat that packs in the nutrition. It’s made of all natural popped milo, or sorghum, plus delicious and nutritious peanuts and sweetened with honey. Add it to your pal’s food to provide variety and fight off boredom, especially for picky eaters, or use it during training or just bonding with your furry bestie. Plus, it comes in a convenient resealable bag to maximize freshness.

Brown's Tropical Carnival Hoops & Honey Strawberry Flavor Small Animal Treats make great foraging and interactive treats for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, rats and hamsters. These colorful hoops are fun to crunch and easy for little paws to hold as they nibble on the delicious natural flavors of honey and strawberry. Added DHA omega fatty acids and probiotics help keep coats shiny and ease the digestive tract as your pet enjoys a tasty treat.

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