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DNA My Dog Canine DNA Testing

We recently sent off a couple swabs of Java's saliva to the folks over at DNA My Dog to see what they could come up with for the breed of dog she is. Having adopted her from a rescue group there weren't any records of her family and what breeds they were. The whole process (for us at least) was pretty easy. Request a kit, swab the dog, register the kit, then mail it back in the provided envelope. Through the website you can track the status of your test all the way up through when the final results are in. You can even upload a photo of your dog so it can be included on the breed certificate. I did it for Java because I thought it would be something neat for us to keep in her records. And it makes the certificate look a little more personalized and official. So now onto the results. According to DNA My Dog they came up with three primary breed types for Java:

Level 2 - Boston Terrier
Level 3 - Australian Shepherd
Level 3 - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Each level means something a little bit different. Here are what levels 2 and 3 mean for us:

Level 2: This category reports breeds that may be easily recognizable in your dog. Each breed listed makes up between 37%-74% of your dog’s breeds. Dogs with a large mixed ancestry will not normally have breeds reporting at this level.

Level 3: This category identifies breeds that have between 20%-36% of the listed breed(s).

Basically it means she's not a pure-bred, which we already knew. She's basically a mix between terrier and shepherd. Along with the breed analysis DNA My Dog also provides you with a detailed report of each breed including things like facts on the breed, heath concerns to be aware of as well as interesting facts about the breed. Basically everything you would want and need to know to give your pup the best life you can for their genetic makeup.

On the overall if you're adopting a pup it's a good idea to know, or find out what breed they are not just for curiosity sake, but also for their health. Some breeds need special care or are more prone to certain health issues and with a DNA test you can make sure you're ready for those.

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