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Apparel from the Cracker Barrel Country Store

One of my favorite parts of fall is being able to wear a whole different style of clothes. It's time to put away the tank tops and shorts and trade them for sweaters, cardigans, and scarves. As much as I love the warm sunshine I have to say I really like colder weather clothes. One of the places I like to shop for fall apparel is the Cracker Barrel Country Store. Anytime we stop into Cracker Barrel for a meal I have to go check out what apparel they have for the season.

One of the latest pieces I got from the Cracker Barrel Country Store is this beautiful sweater. It has a really neat lace bottom. I was actually really surprised at how nice it looked pair up with a pair of jeans. The blue stripes in the sweater are almost a perfect match to denim. I like the dressy yet casual look.

I also like to shop the Cracker Barrel Country Store for Christmas gifts. I've never had anyone complain about receiving apparel from their store line. The part I really like is that their quantities are limited so there isn't a bunch of people wearing the same thing out there you might run into. So if you see something you like I highly recommend you pick it up the first time you see it, otherwise if you go back later it may be gone. Their apparel line is stylish and unique so there's probably something for every style out there.

Did you know that many of the items you see at Cracker Barrel Country Store are also available through their online store? Plus tons of others that aren't in the store so don't skip checking it out. The online store makes a great way to send gifts to family out of town too! I've bookmarked the page because they are always adding new stuff and changing what their current specials are.


  1. Love the details! I havent been in a Cracker Barrel for so many years I didnt even know they sold clothes. Not having one around, I only see them when traveling.

    ellen beck

    1. They really have a nice selection, I love shopping there!

  2. Wow forget the mall, I need to go to cracker barrel, I haven't been there in a couple of years but just from that pic I want 3 things!

  3. I love Cracker Barrel clothes! They're so fancy yet casual. I haven't seen the striped shirt with lace but I'll look for it next time we eat there!

  4. I haven't really checked out Cracker Barrel's clothing when I'm in there, but I think I should now! Cute styles!

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