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Hold onto summer just a little longer!

I don't know about you but for me it seems like summer (or at least summer vacation) goes by way too fast. Being a parent my idea of what I call summer is from the end of the school year until the start of the next school year. I know the actual season of summer goes well into September but for me it really feels like it ends mid August when school starts back up. So for me, to hold onto summer a little longer I've chosen to do little things to help remind myself that it's not over quite yet.

One of those things is take some extra walks outside. It amazes me how quickly nature changes as soon as the weather starts to drop a little. The leaves start to change colors and even fall off the trees. This past weekend I put on my favorite sneakers with the Airplus Memory Plus Insoles inside and went for a walk to take it all in. When I go for a walk I like for my feet to be comfortable and not hurt when I'm done. So I've made it a habit the moment my shoes start to make my feet ache even just a little I get a pair of Airplus insoles in them. And of course if I need to baby my feet a little after an extra long walk I will slip on a pair of Airplus’ Aloe Infused Socks for the evening.

Something else I like to do is add a bit of color to my nails and put on a little extra make-up than usual. I don't know what it is about the added color that just makes me feel like summer. Maybe it's the beauty of the colors when I look at them and it how it reminds me of how bright and colorful everything is outside during the summer. I love how applying a coat or two of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish to my nails just makes them shine. Some of them even make my nails shimmer and sparkle when I go outside in the sun for that added bit of WOW! And with 79 shades to choose from I'll never run out of colors to choose from. As for a little extra make-up I like to add some Rimmel Primer for a bit of added overall color (Because yeah, I'm already losing the glow of my tan!). And some colorful eye shadow from Rimmel. I don't normally wear eye shadow, just eye liner so this really gives my face a whole new look.

I've shared about Ice Chips® before on my blog and I'm back to say I'm still loving (and slightly addicted) to them. Ice Chips® are a delicious, all-natural and sugar-free candy that gives you the satisfaction of sweet without the guilt you get from sugar filled candies. This time around I'm indulging in some fun summer-themed flavors like Strawberry Daiquiri and PiƱa Colada. Now if that doesn't get you in the mood for a drink by the pool I don't know what will. Sometimes I like to close my eyes while I'm sucking on a piece and think about sitting on the beach by the water. If only a tropical vacation were only as affordable as Ice Chips®! I guess until I can save up enough for that tropical vacation I'll have to stick with enjoying the sweet rewards of Ice Chips® instead.

No matter how you do it take a few moments to find a way to hold onto summer just a little bit longer. Trust me it will be gone before you know it and fall (along with the cooler weather) will be here.

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