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It's School Time! Are you ready?

For the most part school is back in session, or about to be for those of us with kids (or attending ourselves). But that doesn't mean we are done school shopping. I know for me at least with a child in high school and one in middle school there were some things I didn't even know they needed until after they had been in school for a few days. It all depended on what their schedules ended up being for their classes. My son for instance went from a full days schedule to a half day and working in the jobs program in the afternoons all in the first week of school. Good thing I hadn't bought too many supplies for him! I have however been stocking up on Purell at home. It seems like we go through it more during school season than any other time of year. My daughter likes to attach the Jelly Wrap Carriers to her backpack so she has it when she's on the bus headed to and from school. Plus she has one of the smaller pump bottles in her locker for in between classes. I'm telling you that kid likes her hand sanitizer!

Are you still shopping for supplies too? Here's an awesome list I've put together for you for school time, or anytime!

Back to school means getting up at most likely an earlier time than usual. And for some that may mean the need for a new alarm clock. I know my daughter needed an new one and the BEDDI Charge has already been working out great for her. She loves the night light function and that she can use it to charge her phone overnight while she's sleeping.

The BEDDI Charge is an alarm clock with three USB charging ports and a mood/night light. Some of its features include an alarm clock with snooze button and increasing volume alarm and a fully dimmable clock face.

One of my favorite brands to shop for writing supplies has always been BIC. They have fun products and they never let me down when it comes to quality that lasts. Both of my kids like to use colored pens when they are allowed and prefer mechanical pencils over the wood-cased ones so for me BIC is the clear choice.

• BIC’s fastest drying retractable gel pen, Gel-ocity, is now available in a range of bright, fun colors.
• The BIC Velocity pencil features a soft gel grip that molds to your hand and provides smooth, dark writing. The BIC Velocity also has a 75% larger eraser for more erasing power.
• The well-known BIC 4-Color is now available with 3 inks + 1 pencil. An efficient writing utensil that can allow you to take colorful notes, edit and sketch!
• New Intensity Fineliner, is the perfect pen for writing doodling and coloring. The sleek collection is available in a variety of pack sizes and an assortment of colors.

However when I think about coloring my mind goes right to Crayola. I've been using Crayola products since....well..I was a kid myself. I love that Crayola is always coming out with something new and exciting for kids to enjoy. The most recent thing I can think of is their Silly Scents line. It's actually my daughter's favorite and what she took to school this year. Being in middle school they are a lot more flexible with school supplies unlike when she was in elementary school. The Silly Scents Markers all have a different scent that corresponds with the color of the marker. I personally am obsessed with the toasted marshmallow. Oh man does it smell good, and makes me crave having a S'more!

This year my daughter also found out that she would be needing highlighters in addition to the usual pens, pencils, and markers. And my favorite brand for highlighters is Sharpie. I know most people immediately think of permanent markers when they hear the word Sharpie, but they also have a nice line of highlighters as well as art pens too. I'm thinking the Sharpie Art Pens might come in handy for my son next semester when he takes his next drawing class.

Sharpie Art Pens: Brighten a planner or notebook by writing thoughts in bold colors. Sharpie Art Pens have quick-drying ink that’s smear resistant and won’t bleed through paper.

Sharpie Clear View: Prioritize the homework list and remember those key notes by brightly highlighting only what’s most important. With Sharpie Clear View’s see-through tip, it’s easy to see exactly what you’re highlighting, so you’ll always know where to start and when to stop.

Another important part of school these days is making sure you have back-up memory in some form or another for your data. My daughter has to use the computer quite often for school now so having a good flash drive has become a necessity. The SanDisk Cruzer Dial USB Flash Drive comes in a variety of memory sizes and it's nice and compact so she can keep it right in her pencil pouch all day long. I really like the dial feature that allows you to retract the USB portion when not in use keeping it protected. For my son we needed something to back up the photos on his phone since he has to take pictures at his job for school. The iPhone iXpand Flash Drive is perfect for that because you can back them up on the drive then access them on a computer or other device if you need to. Both great ways to keep their data safe for those just in case times when accidents happen.

Of course not every supply is for the kids these days. The teachers do an awful lot for our kids so it's nice to give back and help them keep their classroom full of kiddos with clean hands after the fun projects they do. I know some teachers already request antibacterial wipes for cleaning in the classroom, but I also like to send in Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes for the kids. Many times they do projects in the classroom and there's just not enough time for all of the kids to shuffle down the hallway to the nearest restroom to wash up afterwards. I've actually had several really excited teachers when we've gifted them Wet Ones wipes. They say they are so handy to keep in the classroom and much faster than a trip to the bathroom saving them time out of the classroom.

And last but definitely not least for this round-up is something that isn't necessarily a school supply, but more of must supply. I say that because there are always days my daughter wants to take her lunch because they have something she doesn't like - leaving her with the need for a drink. Or there are all day field trips leaving her with the need of a disposable drink for her sack lunch. And of course for that long (not really but she makes it seem that way) walk down the driveway home after she gets off the bus. Once again leaving her "dying" for a quick drink because she's "so hot". All of these drink needs are happily met in our house with Capri Sun. In your choice of Capri Sun Sport and Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters there's a flavor combination that's sure to make everyone happy in your house. I know I'm a big fun of the Capri Sun Roarin' Waters drinks. They're a lightly fruit-flavored water without the high fructose corn syrup I'm always trying to avoid. My teenage son really likes the sport version because it's a mix of electrolytes and water.

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