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One sock, two sock, red sock, blue sock

I don't know what it is about knitting that has always made me nervous. I've crocheted for years, but the thought of knitting always scared me. Even when I heard from people multiple times it was actually easier than crochet. I desperately wanted to learn how though because I wanted to make fun colored socks for my daughter and I. Years passed and I did eventually learn how to do a basic knitting stitch and made a few scarves. It wasn't so bad, but I still was afraid to learn anything more complex. To this day I have still not learned any other knitting stitches. And until recently still had not made matching socks for my daughter and I. But I am proud and happy to say I am currently working on socks for us now! A few months ago a friend of mine introduced me to the Knitting Board and their sock looms. It's an alternative way to knit without having to use two needles. Instead you use a loom and loom hook which to me is so much simpler. Now I no longer fear making socks, and now I can finally make matching socks for my daughter and I in any color pattern I like.

I'm one of those lucky moms that has a daughter that enjoys having matching things with me. When my son was younger I started the tradition of getting him and his dad matching things for Father's Day. It was a little harder with my daughter and I as I just couldn't find matching clothes in both of our sizes. That's why I originally wanted to learn to make socks. I thought if nothing else we could have matching socks. Of course now she's older and is wearing some ladies extra smalls so its a bit easier. But I've never given up on the sock idea and am glad because it's finally happening! And it's happening much faster and easier than I ever imagined with my sock loom. Between the book I received and the online videos it's really been a breeze!

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How about you, do you ever wear matching things with your kids?

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