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Give her feet the treatment they deserve!

Whether you're a stay-at-home mom or a work outside the home mom really we both know we're an everything-to-everyone mom. We also know it's one of the toughest, yet most rewarding jobs out there! I know as an at home mom I feel like I do more running around than when I was actually working full time out of the home. I think it's just expected if you're not working outside the home that you have all this extra "free" time on your hands so you can do everyone else's running too.  I don't know where this so called "free" time is lurking around at, but I sure wish it would come my way. By the time the kids get home from school I'm ready for a nap, or at least a ten minute sit down.

Of course since that free time doesn't seem to be coming around anytime soon I'll have to take some pampering on the go to keep my feet from screaming for mercy. I do that by using Airplus products in everything from my boots to my everyday sneakers to my pumps. They help my feet not get as tired and achy after a busy day of errands. They've actually saved me from tossing out a pair of my favorite boots this past winter. The soles were pretty much shot and every time I wore them my feet ached. My last resort was trying a pair of Airplus insoles. Boy am I glad I gave that a shot first because they are pretty much like new again! And just in case that "free" time finally arrives I know where you'll be able to find me..sitting with my feet up enjoying my aloe infused socks from Airplus. If you've ever owned a pair you know just how soft the feel on your feet, and how good your toes feel the next day when you take them off.

Airplus – the pioneer in unique, comfortable and fashionable foot care accessories – has mom covered for all her day-to-day activities:

• Most importantly, a little mommy “me” time. Put your feet up, slip on a pair of Aloe Infused Socks – infused with soft, soothing Aloe and Vitamin E – and enjoy some well-deserved TLC!

• Slip into our Ball-of-Foot Cushions (made with Invisigel) that provide superior shock absorption and long-lasting comfort. The clear gel means you can wear them with open-toed or strappy shoes, without anyone noticing!

• For everyday comfort, Memory Plus Insoles are responsive memory foam insoles that mold to your foot and help evenly distribute pressure, providing cushiony, flexible support with every step.

• Make your feet forget they’re in heels with Hug My Heels Gel Heel Liners. These liners improve fit and stop rubbing in a flash! Also made with clear gel, these silky smooth liners discreetly blend in for added for added comfort.

• Plantar Fascia Orthotic Insoles ease heel pain from Plantar Fasciitis. Its slim design provides stability, won’t crowd toes and fits in most footwear – providing all-day comfort!

• The stylish Fantastic Footie is low-cut and fits perfectly in heels or flats, without anyone noticing. Super soft memory foam is sewn into both the heel and ball of foot, providing long-lasting comfort.

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