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It's the little things that makes mom smile

I've been a mom for over 17 years now. And through all those years of experiences as a parent I've learned one thing that really stands's the little things that really make me smile. It's not a big, overpriced present for my birthday or Mother's Day. It's the thought put into the present and the way it's wrapped. Wait the way it's wrapped?!? Yes I meant to say that, but let me explain why. If you have more than one kiddo like I do you know they both have their own personalities and ways of showing their love. Take my son for instance, he doesn't always remember things but is usually pretty good about my birthday and Mother's Day. From him I don't expect anything elaborate when it comes to the wrapping. Usually it's given to me in the same bag it came home from the store in, or I will find it sitting on the kitchen table not wrapped at all. From my daughter it's a totally different thing all together. She doesn't feel like a gift is complete without special packaging and some sort of card. Neither have to be store bought, but it's always something special she puts a lot of thought into. And that's why I say for me at least it's also the way it's wrapped. I just love seeing what each of them do and how it reflects who they are.

I will admit I'm more of a streamlined person and tend to stick with ready to go kits for wrapping like the ones All in the Cards offers. I like them because I can keep stuff on hand to use at a moments notice and it won't break the bank keeping them around.

Another thing that makes me smile as a mom is of course seeing my kids smile. My son is going on 18 so it's a little harder to make him smile over smaller gifts. He's just not as easy as my daughter now that he's older. She will smile over pretty much anything I give her just because it's a gift from her mom. Over the years I've actually started to learn her different smiles. Some smiles say "thanks mom I like it", some say "thanks mom but really you shouldn't have", and some say "thanks mom you're the best". Of course the last is my favorite smile of them all, but of course it's not always the one I get. One thing I know I can always get a "you're the best" smile from is something for her hair. She loves doing her hair and putting bows in it. It's a rare occasion that she leaves for school without a matching bow for her outfit. That's why I knew I would get a good smile for giving her this JoJo Siwa Bow from HER Accessories. Not only is it a bow, it's a super bright and colorful bow. To start with the smile was the "thanks mom I like it" smile, but after I explained to her that it was one designed by JoJo Siwa from Dance Moms I got the "thanks mom you're the best" smile. She loves the show so I knew she would be thrilled to have one of her bows.

With Mother's Day just a few days away I've been thinking a lot about things that make me smile as a mom. And guess what? All those things made me smile all over again!

What do you think about that makes you smile?

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