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Let bOb(sweep) clean for mom this Mother's Day

For a long time I've  dreamed of having a robot vacuum. I don't know why, it's just always been something I thought would be super cool to have. Okay so maybe I know a little why. I used to stay with my boss when I worked for them out of town and they had one for their house. And I can remember thinking how cool it was that they never vacuumed their upstairs bedrooms. It's kind of like when a child sees a new high-tech toy that their best buddy has and they want one too. Well all these years later I now have my own robot vacuum named bOb. After a few months of use I will admit I'm still up in the air if it's as "cool" as it seemed all those years ago. I will be honest it has it's strengths and it has it's weaknesses in our house.

It's nice having something you can program and set to vacuum for you at any given time through out the day (or night). Once you figure out set up of your bObsweep (I highly recommend watching the YouTube video on it after you read the manual) it's pretty straight forward to use. I like that I can put it in either auto mode, or be able to control it myself if I need to clean up a quick mess. It has been nice not having to vacuum the lower level of our house quite as often myself.

I thought it would be more like a regular vacuum and pick up everything from my floor and rugs. Instead I watched as the little side brush just pushed stuff away and didn't suck it up. I even tried using the remote and going over the same area multiple times on my rug and it still didn't pick it all up. This was even after cleaning the bin and brushes. The other thing I didn't really like was the noise it makes when you tell it to go "home" to the charging base. It emits a squealing sound I assume that tells the bObsweep where to go. This really bothers my dog so I try to only use it when she's not going to be around.

My overall thoughts:
For me I struggled getting started because I first off didn't read through the entire instruction booklet and watch the video to learn everything I need to know. So if you get one be sure to do that FIRST to save yourself headache and pain. I have dark colored carpet and didn't realize you needed to cover the bottom sensors so it would go onto the rug. Had I read and watched everything I would have known this and not gotten so irritated to start off. However by covering the sensors it created a second problem for me because I have stairs and without those sensors telling it to stop it would go right on down them. So I had to get and install blOcks in the doorway that tells bOb there are steps and to turn around. Neither are a huge issue, but something to plan ahead for if you have these types of things.

Would I recommend bObsweep?
I would have to say it all depends on your living situation. My recommendation would be to visit their YouTube page and watch some of their videos on how it works first. If you're home has a lot of furniture and rugs as mine does it's not going to work as well as if say you have just carpet or just hardwood floors. Our kitchen is all hardwood flooring and it works great in there. The living room has rugs on the hardwood flooring so it struggles alot leaving behind debris along the edges of the rugs.

I will say I'm glad I got my bObsweep because it has cut back on how much and how often I have to vacuum our floors. For me it hasn't replaced the need to vacuum, but it has made the process so much simpler.

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