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Project Mc2 makes science fun and rewarding! @ProjectMc2

About Project Mc2:
Project Mc2 follows a team of six super-smart and seriously cool girls who use S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) to complete missions for the secret organization, NOV8 (that's “innovate”!). Project Mc2 is the first S.T.E.A.M. based girl’s franchise and brand that includes fun experiment sets, fashionable real-girl inspired dolls and is also an Emmy -nominated Netflix original series! The show and toy line inspire curiosity and learning through S.T.E.A.M inspired play themes we know girls already love! Smart is the New Cool!

Because we love to craft, and everyone knows that science can only be fun as you make it we recently took on the challenge of trying out some kits from the Project Mc2 spring line. We knew between the two of us my daughter and I would make the kits fun!

My daughter couldn't get her hands on the Project Mc2 H2O Nail Science Kit fast enough when it arrived. She was ready to tear into the box before I even had a chance to finish unpacking everything. It was the kit she specifically picked out so I told her we could do it first when it arrived. And she made sure I stuck to that! After we unpacked all of the parts and set them all out we read through the directions to see what else we needed. The kit does not come with some basic supplies so you'll have to get these to use it: cotton swabs, tape, batteries for the light and nail dryer and nail polish. I recommend using the most basic plain Jane nail polish you have, nothing fancy like gel or speed dry. Once we had all of our necessary supplies we followed along step by step and made a nice I'm not kidding we had nail polish all over my daughters fingers and the table. The first polish we tried was speed dry and it did not work out well. So we cleaned it all off and started over with some basic nail polish. Much better results this time. Still a little messy, but as you can see she got some nice swirls on her nails.

The jury is still out on this one as far as what we thought of it. We plan to try it again with some lighter colored polish and not quite so much of it in the bowl to see how it works. We did learn some things like different types of nail polish react differently in water. Some don't spread out as well as others. We also learned you need to clean up everything as soon as you're done and not leave nail polish inside of the droppers overnight as it makes it harder to get out. On the overall we had fun exploring the set together and really that's all that matters right!?

The next set we tried out was one that also came with a doll that represented one of the girls from Project Mc2. This was really cool because while we were waiting on the kits to arrive we had actually started watching the show on Netflix so my daughter knew all about her character. Camryn definitely has her own sense of style so the tie-dye project was definitely fitting for her. For this project we used a pair of white canvas sneakers, permanent markers, and alcohol. Pretty basic stuff really, and we already had white sneakers so we didn't even need to pick them up. Basically you make whatever patterns you like on a pair of sneakers (or other canvas item) with the markers, then use a dropper to put drops of alcohol onto the colors. It's really like magic to watch as the shoes transform from having basic colored circles (in the case of this pair) into a whole different look. You can even go back and add more color/alcohol later to change the colors or fill in areas it didn't reach.

This was my favorite project to do because not only was it fun, but now I have a fun pair of tie dyed sneakers to wear too!

We also received a make-up science kit where you use different colors of crayons to make fun lipstick and eye-shadows that you can actually wear! And we got a second doll set that teaches you how to make gummies or soaps using the included recipes and mold!

These are the kinds of things I really enjoy getting for my daughter because they not only are fun for her to play with, but they are also teaching her something at the same time. It gives us quality bonding time together too which is always a bonus in my opinion when it comes to crafting.

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