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Use your pets as an excuse to get outside! #PurinaPartner @Purina

This post is sponsored by Purina.

If you're like me you can come up with all sorts of excuses to NOT get out of that easy chair and go outside. But after realizing I didn't like the worn down feeling of not getting up and moving enough in a day I decided it was time for a change. And I also decided I was going to use our dog Java to help me make that change. She had become a couch potato so to speak too because anytime I was just sitting around she was in her comfy bed napping. I had finally found the excuse I needed to get outside and get moving. I needed her as much as she needed me. And with spring finally settling in it was the perfect time to make it happen.

A recent online YouTube Live event with Dr. Kurt Venator, a veterinarian and 14 year veteran of Purina also helped me in my decision making. During the event I learned things like 54% of dogs are overweight. That can be from lack of exercise, overfeeding, or even by not feeding them based on their life stage/style. Honestly I had no idea pets were so complex when it comes to health and nutrition. I also learned since our Java is a larger breed dog that she needs about 30 minutes of rigorous activity per day with 1-2 hours of other activity. That my seem like a lot, but if you think about it us humans need at least that much too. So why not do it for both at the same time. Make one of the trips out to potty into a nice jog, or game of fetch? There are many ways you can get both your heart rate up as well as your pets outside together. Just remember not to beat yourself up if there's a steak of wet days and you can't get outside. We all have times when we aren't able to get in the full amount of exercise needed and that is true for our pets too.

Another great tip I learned was that you should rotate your pet's toys. If they are all out at once they will lose interest in them and we all know that doesn't lead to anything good. You should only leave a few toys out for them at a time. Then if you see they are becoming board with them collect them up and exchange them for other toys. You can keep doing this every few days, or however often you need to keep your pet interested in their toys. I always had wondered why Java with all the toys she has would chew on things she wasn't supposed I know!

There are a bunch of benefits to owning a pet from the boost in your mood they provide when they show you how much they love you to helping motivate you to get up off that couch and play. I have to say looking back my life wasn't complete until I had my first pet growing up.

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