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Get ready for outdoor dining in style!

We have a rectangle shaped table that we use to eat outside when the weather is nice but hate when the sun beats down on us when we are trying to eat. This umbrella from Best Choice Products is the perfect solution because it covers the whole table since it's long instead of rounded like many. The umbrella is made with high-quality material so it's water, UV, and fade resistant. This is nice because you don't have to take it inside after each use. I just stick it up under the overhang of our house once I close it down. It's very easy to open and close the umbrella using the hand crank. Once you have the umbrella all the way open you can even press a button on the pole that will allow it to bend giving you protection from the sun at an angle. This is really nice since the sun isn't always right above your table.

Inside of the umbrella there are solar lights that you can turn on via a small button when it gets dark. They are charged through the solar panel on the top of the umbrella so make sure that part can always be reached by the sun. I love how it lights up, it's really pretty and nice if you're having a BBQ or fire at night and want a little added light. It features a built in USB power bank that also charges via the solar panel. WOW what an awesome feature if you ask me. I can't even count how many times I had to leave my phone inside because I forgot to charge it. And we all know that's when someone tries to get ahold of us! The charger can be removed for portability too so you can use it while moving around and not have to be stuck at the table to charge your device. I am very impressed with this umbrella and can't wait to use it this summer for our backyard picnics.

• Solar-powered and energy-efficient LED lights
• Solar-powered USB charging port
• High-quality material that's water, UV, and fade resistant and is constructed with polyester and a rust-free, powder coated aluminum frame
• Crank handle for easy closing/opening
• Push button tilt system for maximum sun protection
• Dimensions: 120" L x 78" W x 96" H


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    There is a place like that on our coast I think. Would love to see it in person.

  2. That is a really awesome umbrella. I love the solar lights in it too!

  3. I love solar-powered products, especially lights. I love the eco-friendly concept all around the board.

  4. This umbrella is so unique than I've ever seen! I like the idea of the solar lights,to enjoy at night time!

  5. I love this huge umbrella with it's solar powered LED lights for after dark & USB charging port in case you need to charge your phone while you're outside. I would love to have one for our back deck!

  6. This umbrella is really cool and I love that it's solar powered! The USB Charger Port is a nice edition too, this would be perfect for my backyard! Thanks for sharing.

  7. The shows look super comfortable, and I love the fine stitching work on them.

  8. I really love this umbrella and especially love the fact that the lights are solar powered.

  9. Would love to have an umbrella like this with the lights. This would be great on our patio.

  10. This weather. in Indiana is just crazy! It has been so cold lately even this morning. I mean, coat weather. Then today it may get 73 degrees! I hate having to go back and forth between using the furnace and the air conditioning like that.

  11. I love the Solar-powered and energy-efficient LED lights. We sometimes like to sit outside when it gets dark and these lights would be great to have on our umbrella.

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