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Add a little spice to your next meal with RawSpiceBar

I'm not too proud to admit I'm no "Susie Homemaker" when it comes to cooking from scratch in the kitchen. Give me a recipe and I can follow it to a tee. Show me a counter full of foods and spices alone and I'll be lost. My husband was blessed with the ability to take any set of random ingredients and make it into a meal, I on the other-hand would just stand there and gaze at them as if they would somehow start to speak to me and tell me how to use them. You may be laughing right now, but that's honestly how it would look. Thankfully though there are so many wonderful recipes and services out there that keep me from having to wait for food to talk. One of them I've been checking out the last few months is RawSpiceBar. With a RawSpiceBar kit you get three spice pouches as well as recipe cards to coordinate with them. Each month the spices cover a different region so you have the opportunity to try foods seasoned differently than we would use them here in the US. They also send you emails with additional recipe ideas themed to the current month. For me this was great because I received kits October through December and as you know there's lots of meal prep going on during that last few months of the year. Unfortunately that's also a super busy time both at home and online for me so I completely spaced snapping a few photos as I used the spices. Of course you can't see them in the finished foods, but let me tell you, you can definitely taste them. I have to say they definitely have unique blends that I never would have imagined using together, but they come out tasting wonderful (following their recipe suggestions). I still wasn't brave enough to try something on my own just quite yet.

A few highlights about RawSpiceBar:
Freshly ground: ­ Their spices are whole toasted, ground and blended just a few days before being shipped directly to your door so you can have your spices the way you have your coffee (fresh!).

Perfectly sized: ­Each of their spice blends are perfectly portioned to create a dish serving 8-12. The recipes are kitchen tested and loved- and almost always will include an option for vegans, carnivores and vegetarians.

Spice discovery:­ Blends are from old family recipes or their curated chefs- so you can explore new spice blends from experts all year long.

We at RawSpiceBar are huge fans and as a bit of a refresher, we deliver freshly made, recipe-ready flavor kits, highlighting a new region each month.  Each kit includes recipes customized for special diets and the kits are a great way for families, moms and new cooks to discover new flavors at an affordable $6/month.
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