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Stasher - Fill it and go!

When I think about taking bulk snacks on the go my mind usually goes straight to a disposable plastic bag. Something I can easily fill and eat from while I'm on the move. That was up until I was introduced to Stasher. Now my mind goes in the totally opposite direction. Now I reach for my handy reusable bag. I am absolutely in love with these silicone bags. You can fit just as much in them as a disposable plastic bag, but instead of tossing them out when you're done you just wash and re-use them over and over. They are great for holding candy, snacks, leftovers, you name it! I have one in my car with peppermints. The resealable top keeps them from falling out when it gets tossed all around the car too.

I used one of the bags for my husband's chocolate covered espresso beans recently for him to take to work. Now he can enjoy a few at a time and not worry about them getting stale or falling out of the bulk bag they came in. When he's all done I can toss the bag in the dishwasher and refill it with a new treat for him.

Stasher is the world’s first—and only—self-sealing, airtight, non-plastic bag! it’s made of pure platinum silicone, so it’s a healthy alternative that’s safe for people and the planet. Stasher can safely go from the freezer, to the microwave, and to the dishwasher.

Stasher comes in clear, aqua, and slate.

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