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Play - Bathe - Sleep - Repeat

Our Java is definitely still a pup she's so full of energy. She will play every chance she gets...and would probably eat every chance she gets too if we let her. So to bring the two together we introduced her to some fun toys that keep her active and reward her for her hard work at the same time. Using her new BUSTER DogMaze from Kruuse we are actually able to slow down her eating. When we used a standard bowl she would gobble it up in a matter of seconds. Now she actually has to work at getting her food using her tongue and nose to push it out of the maze.

And in between meals we use the BUSTER Soft Cube. It looks like an over-sized dice cube with a hole in one side. Inside there's a maze of sorts that keeps the treats from quickly falling back out. So if Java wants her treat she has to push, tumble, and sometimes pick up and drop the cube until the treats follow the right path and back out of the cube opening.

Have you ever tried to give a dog a bath? Let me tell you it can be Okay maybe not fun as in good fun, but fun as in entertaining fun. Java fortunately isn't completely against bath's but she does easily get dry skin so we have to be careful how many we give her. So to help with that we use some quick bath wipes when we need to do a little in between cleaning. We really like using products from the earthbath and QuickBath lines because they are safe to use daily.

And of course like every good human...I mean uh dog once you've played, eaten, and had a bath you like to take a nap. And when you're queen of the house like our beloved Java you get to take your naps on a super cushy sofa bed like this one from BUSTER. I have to say this is probably where you'll find Java if you stop by our house. If she's not playing she's taking one of her multiple daily naps in her comfy bed.

Do you have a pup (or other animal) that's treated like royalty in your house? You know what I'm talking about the one that gets a special bed, and special treats. :-)
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