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HD Mirror Cam

Sadly now days it seems like we trust other people less and less. And sadly there seems to be more and more reason to feel this way. For example when someone slams their car door into your car in a parking lot and then just leaves. They may only make a small scratch or dent, yet they just walk away like it never happened. Sometimes it's even worse like someone backing into your car leaving a big dent then driving away. Fortunately there are ways to protect ourselves, and our vehicles from allowing things like this to just happen and no one being held accountable for it. One of those ways is by using a HD Mirror Cam. By using this hidden camera you can catch someone damaging your vehicle when it happens. And with that hopefully make them be held accountable for it.

My husband works at a busy factory and has more than once had someone slam their car door into his new truck. And through the use of this HD Mirror Cam he's been able to find out not only who it was, but also turn in the evidence to the office to make them be held accountable.

HD Mirror Cam: is a dashboard camera that fits perfectly over your rearview mirror.  With easy installation, HD Mirror Cam offers motion detection and 350 degree rotating camera to record activity on the road and in the car.  It works great day or night and automatically adjust to the appropriate lighting.

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