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Craftabelle - Inspiring Creativity & Imagination

My daughter is a crafting fool, she loves to craft any time she has free time. And as her mother I try to help fuel that desire to be creative and show her talents. One way I do that is to give her crafting kits for Christmas, her birthday, and other special occasions. When searching for crafting kits I like to find ones that provide her with something tangible that she can use or even gift to someone else. Craftabelle kits are a great example of these types of kits. Kids can make things like necklaces, scarves, and other fun accessories. For me I think the best part is seeing her final creations and seeing how proud she is of what she's made. No matter how good (or bad) it looks I always give her a big encouraging smile and tell her how beautiful it is. One thing I've learned over the years is that kids are often times seeking their parents approval and want to know their worth. I always try to remember this and that even if her creations have flaws that's what makes them uniquely hers and special just like she is to me.

Craftabelle Creation Kits are all about doing something different, something beautiful, something that lasts. I love that they are simple, yet involved enough to keep my pre-teen daughter's attention. She doesn't get frustrated with them because they are too hard for her to do alone, but they are also not so easy that she gets bored with them. Many times crafting kits seem to be one or the other these days. If they are too hard my daughter will just put them back in the box and give up many times without asking for help because she doesn't want to "bother" me. When I gave her these kits I did explain to her that I was there if she needed any guidance and not to give up if something seemed difficult or confusing. I knew they were all all crafts that she would enjoy making, and having the creations from them after so I didn't want her to get discouraged and quit. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they all look like when she's done. Who knows maybe I'll end up with a headband in my stocking from her for Christmas.

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