Stacy Talks & Reviews: SnuggieTails and StickerBeans Oh My!

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SnuggieTails and StickerBeans Oh My!

As I've mentioned before my daughter loves all things soft and fuzzy. So you can probably imagine how excited she was Christmas morning when she unwrapped her new SnuggieTails blanket. She just kept rubbing it on her face over and over saying "it's so soft". It was quite funny to watch. Once she was done rubbing it on her face she slipped her legs into the tail and got all cozy. She said it was super soft on the inside too and kept her legs nice and warm.

SnuggieTails:  The creators of the Snuggie, the infamous blanket with sleeves, has launched Snuggie Tails nationwide, a durably stitched fleece wrap for children/teens featuring their favorite underwater characters including Pink or Blue Mermaid, Clown Fish, Shark, Rainbow Fish and Dolphin.

She also got a fun assortment of StickerBeans in her stocking that got her super excited. You know girls and things that sparkle. And StickerBeans are definitely something that sparkles. They are cute stickers covered in lots of little bling. She's already been planning out where she's going to stick them all.

StickerBeans:  Bling is the thing! StickerBeans add glitter and glitz to everything from cell phone and laptop cases to tablets, notebooks, lockers and more. StickerBeans are available in two-inch, five-inch and two-feet sizes with bright rhinestone colors that pop and make a statement.

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