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Royal Hawaiian Orchards - Simply Indulgent

I will admit I'm not normally a big fan of dark chocolate. I prefer milk chocolate and it's more mild flavor. I have to say though I'm glad I gave it shot when I got these dark chocolate covered treats from Royal Hawaiian Orchards because I really like them. I'm a big fan of  macadamia nuts so I wasn't going to pass on at least trying them. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise, these are delicious. So much so my husband and I finished a bag between us in one evening watching TV. I think the dark chocolate blends with the tropical fruits and the macadamias so well you don't really notice that it's a dark chocolate. They are a really good treat if you want to indulge yourself in something sweet and unique for sure. I've tried all three of them and I would have to say my favorite of them all is the blackberry goji, it's very unique and not a flavor you find in most chocolate covered treats. They come in a resealable bag which is nice because I've learned to just pour a few out into my hand and the put the rest of the bag up on the shelf. Otherwise they would all be gone as quick as the first bag!

Flavors: Dark Chocolate Blueberry Acai, Dark Chocolate Blackberry Goji, and Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Mango.

Royal Hawaiian Orchards is a line of nutritiously delicious Hawaiian island harvested macadamia nut foods, including chocolate covered, savory roasted, tropical fruit crunch snacks, and dairy-free macadamia milks. Harvested on the Big Island, all Royal Hawaiian Orchards products are Non-GMO Project Verified, OU Kosher, free of gluten and wheat without anything artificial. Royal Hawaiian Orchards macadamia nut foods are perfect for clean eaters, healthy snackers, and those with special dietary needs including gluten sensitivity and Celiac Disease, paleo, vegan, vegetarian and more. Each product is crafted with high quality ingredients for a truly better-for-you snack – in fact, just one ounce of macadamia nuts (about 15 nuts) boasts minerals including thiamin and manganese, and contains healthy monounsaturated fat, protein, fiber, magnesium, iron and phytosterols.

Royal Hawaiian Orchards products are available in grocers and natural food stores throughout the United States and are available at specialty online retailers and

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