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Spring showers = crafting fun indoors!

I don't know about where you live, but it seems like this spring has already been filled with way too many rainy days. We finally got past the cold days that seemed to just drag on and now we're filled with dreary rainy days. And in my house that means kids that aren't happy because they can't get outside and play. But that's okay because this mom has already started using her crafting skills to keep them entertained. (Okay so maybe some of my skills aren't really mine, they are actually from Pinterest.) But hey, if it keeps them entertained then I'm happy. With a little help from Pinterest and some supplies from Oriental Trading crafting can help pass the time on any day rain or shine.

One of the crafts we recently did was make Homemade Glitter Slime. This is one of those that I borrowed from Pinterest. If you've ever searched there are tons of different variations to the slime/putty recipe out there. We've actually done quite a few different ones, and even purchased a kit that came with several different recipes in it too. You can check out my crafts Pinterest board for lots of recipe ideas if you want to try some yourself.

Supplies I used from Oriental Trading:
Short Jars
Jeweltone Premium Glitter Glue Set

Another craft we've done, that yes I actually came up with was making homemade water globes. I use plastic jars and fill them with water, colored water beads (I let these soak overnight first), and sparkly jewels. If these are going to be played with I actually use a colored glue stick to seal the lids on. It ensures that the lids won't get unscrewed on accident and they spill everywhere. Plus it gives the outside of the jar a little added color too. We've actually done these a few different times now using different things inside to make them themed and even given them as gifts to my daughter's friends. It's amazing how much the kids like playing with these just watching the stuff inside swirl around when they turn them upside down.

Supplies I used from Oriental Trading:
Short Jars
Water Beads
Shiny Flower Jewels
Jewel Assortment
Surebonder® Colorful Mini Glue Sticks

And finally another of my own crafting ideas, and personal favorite (because it's edible of course) is candy flowers. You can create all sorts of different pictures using candy. I don't know about you, but we always seem to have an over abundance of candy laying around after every holiday. What a great way to use it up! And these make great gifts too. My daughter made a bunch of the candy flowers using a bag of spring mix candy and gave them to her teachers at school for teacher appreciation week. She wrote thank you on them with a marker and signed her name at the bottom. Something quick and simple, and everyone that got one loved it. I mean who wouldn't enjoy getting a homemade gift that's covered in candy!

Supplies I used from Oriental Trading:
Lime Green Candy-Filled Straws
Hershey’s® Spring Assortment
Surebonder® Colorful Mini Glue Sticks (to glue down the candy)

Do you have any great crafting ideas you'd like to share? Please feel free to leave them for me in the comments and links if you have shared them yourself online.

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