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It's snack time with Barbara’s

I'm one of those that will actually sit down with a box of cereal and eat it like I'm holding a bag of chips. Many times cereals taste just as good dry, if not better. And they are much better for you than a bag of chips for sure. I've found that I really like the Barbara's Vanilla Blast Snackimals this way ALOT. I mean I ate an entire box all by myself just from snacking on it. It has a light vanilla flavor that makes you think you're snacking on something indulgent, but really they are good for you. Packed with calcium, fiber and whole grains you can't go wrong.

Sometimes though you have to think "outside the box" when it comes to ways to use cereal beyond in a bowl at breakfast (or straight out of the box like I eat it). Barabar's even does that for you with the awesome section right on their website of ways to use their cereals in recipes. Of course of them all my favorite is the snacks section. I really like that many of the recipes incorporate fruits in them so it gives me the option to make a really healthy snack for my kids (or myself).

Barbara’s is known for making delicious snacks and cereals from simple, wholesome ingredients. Committed to providing food options with excellent nutrition and great taste, Barbara’s cereals and snacks are made with high-quality ingredients and never include hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup or refined white sugar. Additionally, the majority of the Barbara’s product portfolio is now Non-GMO Project Verified and 97% are made with Non-GMO ingredients.
Organic Snackimals Cereal – The first cereal in the natural and organic aisle with fun animal shapes, including lions, elephants and panda bears! This lightly sweetened, crunchy cereal is made with simple, good-for-you ingredients, such as organic corn and oat flour, has only 7g of sugar per serving, and contains prebiotics for digestive health. This nutritious and highly snackable breakfast cereal has 8g of whole grains per serving, is Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Organic, fat free, and a good source of fiber and calcium.

Flavors: Cinnamon Crunch, Vanilla Blast, Chocolate Crisp

Barbara’s products are available at major retail grocery stores and natural food stores nationwide.

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