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Reward yourself with a sweet treat!

We are big peanut butter fans in our house. My kids like to dip pretty much everything in it from pretzels, to celery, you name it. As a mom I love it because I know it's not a bad snack for them. And when they choose Justin's I know they are having an all natural treat too. I like Justin's because they have so many different flavors of peanut (and other) butters. It's like a sweet reward every time you dip some out to enjoy with your snack. I like to send the peanut butter cups with my husband as a surprise treat in his lunch box too.

Justin's comes in your standard sized peanut butter jar, individual single serve packets, paired with pretzels for on the go, and peanut butter cups. You can check out all the flavors here.

Justin’s makes nut products that are organic and all natural. These delicious creations include nut butters, peanut butter cups, and squeeze packs for on the go snacking. Grab a squeeze pack to put in your child’s backpack for a quick and protein packed snack.

I have trouble eating regular ice cream due to the lactose in it so I have to find other treats to enjoy in place of it. Thankfully I've found that I can however enjoy gelato and sorbetto without any problems. Ciao Bella has actually become one of my sweet treat indulgences because I can get them in so many great flavors. The containers are small, but I only like a little at a time so I can enjoy them two (or sometimes three) different times. Of course that's if I can keep them hidden from my kids that long. Whenever they see a container of Ciao Bella in the freezer they immediately start begging to have some. They know just how good it is too. Sometimes I get them each their own container so they don't try to steal mine before I've had the chance to finish it.

Ciao Bella is a premium sorbetto and gelato brand that creates unique flavors unlike any frozen treat you’ve tried before. Ciao Bella is perfect for a refreshing and indulgent after school snack. You can check out all the flavors here.

What do you think about enjoying Justin's and Ciao Bella for a sweet treat? What would you pair Justin's with for a sweet treat?
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