Stacy Talks & Reviews: Satify your chocolate cravings at Easter and beyond with Baron Chocolatier

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Satify your chocolate cravings at Easter and beyond with Baron Chocolatier

I love that so many candy companies get into the spirit of Easter with custom packaging and fun varieties they don't usually carry. One of those is Baron Chocolatier. Instead of your standard truffle balls at Easter they turn them into truffle eggs! I didn't even catch onto it from the front of the package, it was when I opened up one that I noticed it was egg shaped. Super cute..and still super delicious. I love the milk chocolate creme filling, it's so smooth and just a little different than the outer milk chocolate coating. My kids of course were really excited about the Chocolate Gummi Dippers. They were cute little gummi bunny heads dipped in milk chocolate. Any way you go they definitely have some awesome candies for Easter.

And of course for all those other times through out the year that you want to get your premium chocolate fix Baron Chocolatier has something for you then too.  They have bars, truffles, and even gummies covered in chocolate. One of the products I was sent that's not shown was one of their new PB&J bars. My daughter snatched it up so quick I didn't even have a chance to snap a photo first. She took it with her to school to share with her friends. It was actually really nice because inside the packaging it had small individually wrapped bars. It was definitely perfect for sharing. I like Baron chocolates because I can eat just one or two pieces and it totally satisfies my craving for something sweet.

You can find (and purchase) these and other fine chocolates from Baron Chocolatier on their website.

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