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Enjoy a new surprise every month with a TinselBox Subscription

Do you or someone you know just love subscription boxes? I know I do, it's like getting a present every month just for me! Most subscription boxes have some sort of theme to them like a food/beverage, pets, crafting, etc. so you know along the lines of what you'll be getting each month. That was actually one thing I really liked about the TinselBox subscription that I got. It's a complete surprise every time you get one that's customized based on a holiday (or the season). My box just so happened to be the February box which I'm sure you could guess, was Valentine's Day themed. It was filled with all sorts of fun themed products. There were cute conversation candy hearts, cards, heart shaped garland for decorating, a red gel pen and a calligraphy pen. I've always wanted to learn how to write in calligraphy but never wanted to invest in the pens so I was really excited about this part. I truly felt like a little kid when I was going through all the goodies in my box checking them out.

Each TinselBox is put together to provide customers with a fun array of themed products. Things you can actually use and enjoy for each holiday/season. I love that they contain unique items and not stuff I would normally see in big box stores. With a TinselBox subscription you have the choice of their standard sized box, or an XL box. Basically the difference is just lots more to enjoy inside your package. You can even pause your subscription if you see a month that doesn't interest you, or if you plan to be away on vacation and don't want it coming while you're gone. Total flexibility! You can learn more about TinselBox as well as check out their subscriptions all on their website.
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