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Cover yourself in creativity from Society6

One of the hard parts of being married to someone that came from another state is when holidays roll around and they start missing "home". I like to think of our house together as home, but I know when my husband mentions "home" he's talking about New Hampshire where he was born and spent the first years of his life. It's hard to see him sad about missing his family knowing mine is less than a mile down the road. So I try to do little things for him whenever I can to help him feel a little more at "home" where we live.

Recently while I was browsing the Society6 website and came across the above duvet cover and saw in the description that it was The Flume in New Hampshire. I of course had no idea if it really was or not, but I knew that if I put this on our bed and my husband saw it he would recognize it right away. He's one of those outdoorsy types and knows all the big places back in New Hampshire, even from a simple photo. So as soon as the cover arrived I hurried up and put it on our bed so I could catch his reaction when he first saw it. He actually thought I was getting one with just a plain countryside scene so he wasn't expecting this at all. After a few moments of looking I saw the light bulb go on in his head and he said this reminds me of "The Flume" back home. I was so excited, my plan worked. I then told him I switched which cover I was getting when I saw this one and that was exactly what it was. He looked at me, smiled, and then hugged and thanked me. I could tell it really meant a lot to him.

Society6 has many really nice home decor products and many of them feature actual landmarks and scenes. All you have to do to find them is go to the category you want to shop in and then in the search box type in the location. In this instance I had just used New Hampshire and this is one of the choices that came up. The other nice part is that there are several coordinating pieces that also have the same design on them. They have art prints, clocks, throw blankets, tote bags, phone covers, pillows, and a few other items.

The other neat part is that the artwork on Society6 is created by hundreds of thousands of artists from around the world.

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