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Hydraluxe® Cool Case by Comfort Revolution

Nothing is more frustrating to me than waking up because I'm hot in the middle of the night. Even in the winter there are nights the wood stove does it's job and then some and I wake up kicking off the covers. So as I'm sure you can imagine when I got the opportunity to try out something that might help I jumped all over it. And that something just happened to be my awesome new Hydraluxe® Cool Case from Comfort Revolution. It's a special pillow case with built-in cooling gel technology that adds soothing comfort to any pillow. I love that this is just a case and not the entire pillow because I already have my "favorite pillows" on my bed. This just adds to them and makes it even better! I was so excited that I was able to keep my favorite pillow and use this at the same time. I actually didn't use it for my head pillow though I used it for the pillow that we have in the middle of our bed. Yes my husband and I sleep with a middle pillow. We both have back problems and like to have the support behind us when we sleep. And sometimes I even lean over it when I'm going to sleep. With my new cooling case on the pillow every time I lean up against it I can feel it's cooling effects up against my body. I don't know how it does it, but it feels so good laying your face on this pillow. I might actually switch it to my head pillow come summer time so I can feel the effects all the time. I might have to get another case so my husband doesn't get left out though because he's already grown attached to leaning against this one. Could be a fun surprise gift for him for Valentine's Day!


• Cooling Comfort. Hydraluxe gel technology keeps you cooler longer.
• Refreshing gel.  Converts any pillow into a refreshing gel cooling pillow.
• Breathable mesh cover with elegant trim. Supple, super-soft and machine washable.  The gel lining zips in and out for easy cleaning of the outer cover.
• Affordable comfort. Standard size: $19.99. Queen size: $29.99. King size: $39.99.
• Free shipping at!
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